Indigo Class – Computing Aut 1 – Audacity

  Some of Indigo Class in action in the computing suite working their magic using Audacity to record radio adverts in order to sell the Graphic Novel – Tom’s Midnight Garden!

Whitworth Art Gallery

Violet class have had a fantastic day of Art at The Whitworth Art gallery. We were the gallery’s first school workshop after a very long break so there was excitement for us all. We were all taken with beauty of the buildings and the parkland around and enjoyed looking at the sculptures and Artworks inside and out. Jasmine and Steven encouraged us to draw
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Freddie Fit hits Year 6!

This term our focus in P.E every Friday is our health and working on building up our fitness which links to our overall topic of ‘This is us’ and looking at our body and how our organs work in science. On Monday 6th we welcomed ‘Freddie Fit’ back into school and had a fantastic session working on our fitness, getting our heart pumping and
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The Great Debate!

This half term, we will be holding a few debates about deforestation and the use of palm oil to link in with our topic on the Rainforest. In this debate, we talked about whether Clovis should keep lying about being Finn (the grandson of the rich Sir Aubrey) or tell the truth and disappear to live with his foster mum. Everyone really got into
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Exploring the snow!

We came into school one day to find it had snowed! We had so much fun playing in the snow and building our own snowman. We also looked at how snow was made and explored how to try and keep the snow frozen and how to melt it too.

Red Class Nativity

This week the children performed our Nativity story. They did a fantastic job in their different roles and our whole Nativity story can be found on our Google Classroom!

Wreath making

This week in Forest School we worked hard to make our own Christmas wreaths. We talked about what wreaths are and why people hang them as decorations on our door. The children helped Miss Hays to collected lots of different foliage from our Forest School area and threaded these into our willow wreath shapes. We think they will look beautiful hanging on our doors!


We have enjoyed preparing our outdoor area for Spring this week by planting lots of spring bulbs. We talked all about the different parts of the bulbs and what the flowers need to help them grow.

Group 1 at Forest School

The first group from Yellow class have had a lovely time out at Forest School. They found that some of the characters from their class book; Leaf, were out in the Forest too. They found Leaf himself as well as the crows and all the other woodland animals. The children have shown that they are very good at directing their own learning outside with
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Summer 1 Homework

You can get started on collecting your points straight away! Summer 1