Summer 1 Homework

You can get started on collecting your points straight away! Summer 1

Forest School 10/03/20

Today in Forest School we decided to have a mud pie competition. The children worked together to create the most delicious mud pies that they could. We also enjoyed playing knights and castles. The children built two castles out of sticks and logs. They pretended to attack each other’s castles and tried to knock them down. Miss Hays and Mrs Bradley showed the children
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Drawing Workshop

This half term in Art we are developing our knowledge and skills in drawing. We are very lucky to have Mrs Mullarkey, a Grandma helper, working with us. Mrs Mullarkey has shown us her sketchbooks and some of her drawings and given us ideas for working on lines, tones, patterns and shading. We spent a whole morning trying out different techniques. We have even
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All about evolution!

On Wednesday 5th February, Violet class took part in a fantastic fossils and evolution workshop. We listened to a really interesting presentation about natural selection and the theory of evolution. We acted out the developments of early man and discovered the key changes such as the creation of tools. The class had some knowledge of Darwin but found out more about his theory and
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Celebration Assembly 13th December

Celebration Assembly 29th November 2019

Greek Day in Blue class

Year 4 welcomed Paulus the Greek to the classroom today. He helped us understand the importance of democracy in Ancient Greek times, [for men] how the Olympics have changed from the very first times and what life as a Greek soldier would have been like. We also spent some time researching areas of Greek life as well as acting out some stories from the
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Dental playbox

The children enjoyed receiving a visit from Cathy the dental nurse. Cathy came to tell us all about our teeth and how we can keep them healthy. We learnt what foods are good/bad for our teeth, how we should brush our teeth and for how long we should brush them for. The children then took part in several activities of cleaning the teddy bear’s
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Our scrumptious crumble

The children worked very hard in Forest School this week to find lots of blackberries that we could pick and use to make a crumble. We carefully washed the blackberries and then added apples to make our crumble. The children listened carefully to the instructions from Miss Hays and worked very well as a team to prepare the crumble by taking turns to add
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Green class at Forest School

Some of the children in Green class have been enjoying taking their learning outside for their Forest School sessions. Now that they are getting older they are beginning to lead their own learning and follow their own interests whilst in the woodland. This has included using a flint and steel to start a small fire, putting up a tarpaulin, climb trees and identify the
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