Red EYFS 2019-20

Curriculum Newsletter

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Forest School 10/03/20

Today in Forest School we decided to have a mud pie competition. The children worked together to create the most delicious mud pies that they could. We also enjoyed playing knights and castles. The children built two castles out of sticks and logs. They pretended to attack each other’s castles and tried to knock them down. Miss Hays and Mrs Bradley showed the children
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World Book Day

Last Thursday was World Book Day! We had a wonderful time in Reception, dressing up as our favourite story characters. In the afternoon our families came in to join us and together we created our own mini ‘story world’ areas. The areas were about a favourite book that we share together at home. The children enjoyed looking at the different story worlds and listened
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Gingerbread men

This week the Gingerbread Man jumped out of our magic book. We decided to make our own delicious gingerbread men. We looked through the different ingredients we would need and together created a recipe to help us remember what went in first, next and last. The children worked with Mrs Bradley to follow our recipe and enjoyed decorating their own gingerbread men. We held
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Newsletter 13/02/20

newsletter 13 02 20

Forest School 11/02/20

This week in Forest School the children enjoyed adding more areas to their nature park. Together they created a climbing frame and a slide. Miss Hays also showed the children how to roast their own marshmallows on the fire. The children listened carefully to instructions from Miss Hays and were able to stay safe around the fire.

Newsletter 07/02/20

newsletter 07 02 20

Ice painting

This week it was very chilly outside so we decided to leave lots of water in different bowls overnight. When we came back to school the next day all the water had frozen. The children enjoyed working together to remove the ice from the bowls. We explored the ice together and talked about how it looked like glass. Matthew told us about stained glass
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The children really enjoyed our fairy tale topic and loved creating their own fairy tale world in our outside area. The children worked together to make The Three Little Pigs houses and used the crates and planks to make their own Billy Goats Gruff bridge. They enjoyed taking it in turns to be the different characters in the stories and retold all the stories
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Newsletter 31 01 20

newsletter 31 10 19