Red EYFS 2019-20

Newsletter 27/09/19

newsletter 27 09 17

Forest School

The children thoroughly enjoyed our first Forest School day this week and even though it rained for the entire time the children did not complain and instead loved making the most of the weather by jumping in some very muddy puddles! The children helped to build a shelter with Mrs Bradley and went on a tour of the Forest School area with Miss Hays
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Biscuit faces

This week we have started our topic “All About Me”. We have been looking at who we are, what we look like and how we are all unique. We have enjoyed looking at closely at ourselves in the mirrors and talking about the colours of our eyes, skin and hair. When playing in the playdough area Lois then came up with a fantastic idea
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Newsletter 20/09/19

newsletter 20 09 19

Eating our first school dinners

The children have settled so well into full days at school this week and have been eating their school lunches with the other children in the school. We remembered to say please and thank you when asking for our lunch and then our friendly Year 6 helpers worked with us to clean away our trays and took us out onto the playground.

Newsletter 15/09/19

newsletter 15 09 19