Yellow Year 2 2019-20

Spring 2 Homework

Homework Spring 2

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Spring 2

Staircase House

This term, Yellow class has been learning about the Great Fire of London in History and Literacy. On Friday, we spent the morning at Staircase House in Stockport. The children were able to recall lots of facts and discuss key aspects of the fire. We then dressed up and used drama to re-enact the night of the fire. We had a great morning!

The Nativity

The whole of Key Stage One worked so hard last week to perform The Nativity play to all our friends and family. We were so proud of our wonderful children with all the lines, dances and songs they learnt to make it such a wonderful play! Well done everyone!

Runway Visitor Park

This term, Yellow class is studying the history of travel. So far, we have explored the timeline of travel and researched and compared boats and cars from the past to present day. Last week, we visited Runway Visitor Park (at Manchester Airport) to ignite our excitement for the history of flight!  The first half of our tour took place in the cabin of the
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Remembrance Day

Yellow class spent the morning visiting Reddish cenotaph to show respect and reflect on why Remembrance day is so important. We then visited Willow Grove cemetery to learn more about the local hero, Joseph Lister.

Freddy Fit

Year 1 and 2 spent the morning doing lots of exercise and learning about muscles on the body. In between exercises, they discussed healthy diets and how much water we should drink, on a daily basis. The children were amazing at aiming and throwing, planking, press ups and star jumps!