Indigo Year 5 2019-20

Forest School Group One

Some of Year Five have been out enjoying working in the Forest School area. It has been cold and very, very muddy. To try to help the ground they have spread hay down on some of the very muddy paths. Next week we are going to re locate our fire circle to give the ground time to rest and recover. As always there was
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Anglo-Saxons invaded St. Mary’s – 12.12.19

Our orbits

Indigo Cricket!

Freddy Fit!

On Monday 9th September, Freddy Fit joined us at St. Mary’s for a very exciting morning. He got us all moving straight away with an active, aerobics style assembly then each class had a timetabled session. Violet and Indigo classes loved the energetic workout followed by some fun, competitive games learning about the human body. Have a look at some of our pictures below.