Violet Year 6 2019-20

Museum of Science and Industry

What a fantastic day Violet class have had at the Museum of Science and Industry! They participated in three lively, entertaining workshops about forces and flight, explosions and the wonder of light. We watched magic tricks, learnt facts about the sun, tested objects for magnetism and solved a museum mystery! We also loved investigating all of the experiments in the gallery area. Have a
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All about evolution!

On Wednesday 5th February, Violet class took part in a fantastic fossils and evolution workshop. We listened to a really interesting presentation about natural selection and the theory of evolution. We acted out the developments of early man and discovered the key changes such as the creation of tools. The class had some knowledge of Darwin but found out more about his theory and
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Spring 1 Homework

homework spring 1 2019

Autumn 2 Homework

homework autumn 2 2019

Autumn 2 Newsletter

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Woodland Management

Violet class have taken on the responsibility of managing the woodlands and grounds around school. Today we surveyed the grounds and made a list of jobs to tackle including clearing flower beds, planting bulbs for the Spring, cutting back brambles and establishing better paths through the forest area. We made a good start on the work today as well as enjoying some of our
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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Today, Wednesday 2nd October, Violet class went on a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We have been studying sculpture in our Art lessons and have been creating our own bee sculptures out of modroc. On the trip we were shown around the park by an artist, Vinnie, who talked to us about the materials, the style and our interpretations of each sculpture. We sketched
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Today, Monday 16th September, Violet class enjoyed a cricket session with a visiting sports coach. The children played games to test their reflexes including head, shoulders, knees, toes, ball, and they practised their catching skills. They thoroughly enjoyed the session!

Autumn 1 homework

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