Forest School 2019-20

Forest School 10/03/20

Today in Forest School we decided to have a mud pie competition. The children worked together to create the most delicious mud pies that they could. We also enjoyed playing knights and castles. The children built two castles out of sticks and logs. They pretended to attack each other’s castles and tried to knock them down. Miss Hays and Mrs Bradley showed the children
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Forest School 04 02 20

This week we have had a very exciting Forest School as we had our first Forest School fire. We learnt how to stay safe around the fire by moving carefully and slowly around the outside of the fire pit and next week we will start to roast marshmallows on the fire. The children also enjoyed creating their own play park in the woods. Together
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Forest School 28 01 20

This week in Forest School we had lots of fun creating our own dens. The children worked together to collect lots of long logs and sticks and used these to construct their dens. The children then enjoyed retelling The Three Little Pigs story and ran to each other’s dens to hide from the wolf!

Forest School 12/11/19

This week in Forest School the children enjoyed exploring all the different colours of Autumn. We walked around the Forest School area and spotted the leaves changing on the trees to orange, yellow, brown and red. The children then enjoyed finding beautiful Autumnal leaves to make their own Autumn crowns. The children also enjoyed making a big birds nest on the field and filled
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Forest School 29/10/19

This week we have had a magical time in Forest School and have enjoyed making our own broomsticks and magic wands. The children then enjoyed using these to then create different spells and have broomstick races across the field.

Forest School 08/10/19

Over the next few weeks in Forest School the children are going to be learning how to tie a simple knot as one of their forest skills. The children enjoyed creating their own journey sticks by walking around the Forest School area to find objects of different colours, shapes and sizes to place onto their journey sticks. The children worked with Miss Hays and
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Forest School 01 10 19

We have had another rainy Forest School day this week but that meant lots of muddy puddles! The children loved exploring our field and Forest School area to try and find the deepest puddle. Matthew found one that he said went all the way to China! We then used lots of the lovely mud to make our own mud faces. The children shaped their
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Forest School

The children thoroughly enjoyed our first Forest School day this week and even though it rained for the entire time the children did not complain and instead loved making the most of the weather by jumping in some very muddy puddles! The children helped to build a shelter with Mrs Bradley and went on a tour of the Forest School area with Miss Hays
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Green class at Forest School

Some of the children in Green class have been enjoying taking their learning outside for their Forest School sessions. Now that they are getting older they are beginning to lead their own learning and follow their own interests whilst in the woodland. This has included using a flint and steel to start a small fire, putting up a tarpaulin, climb trees and identify the
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