Yellow Year 2 2020-21

Group 1 at Forest School

The first group from Yellow class have had a lovely time out at Forest School. They found that some of the characters from their class book; Leaf, were out in the Forest too. They found Leaf himself as well as the crows and all the other woodland animals. The children have shown that they are very good at directing their own learning outside with
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Autumn 2 Homework

Homework Autumn 2

Pattan’s Pumpkin

Last term, Yellow class read the book, ‘Pattan’s Pumpkin’ and created their own mythical stories, We spent the term exploring India in Geography and investigated healthy foods and nutrition in Science. To celebrate the end of our work, we made our very own pumpkin curry and naan breads. Yum!  

Welcome to Yellow Year 2 2020/2021

Welcome to Yellow Year 2 2020/2021