Green Year 3 2020-21

Creating our own paper ‘sycamore seeds’

Today, Green Class have been looking at the different ways plants share their seeds. We were particularly interested in why sycamore trees have helicopter seeds and we learned that it was important for them to stay in the air for a long time. We wondered whether the size of a helicopter seed would effect how long they would stay in the air. We then
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Sketching plants

This half term, Green Class are exploring the great outdoors as part of our science unit. We have searched for and discovered a whole range of wonderful plants before sketching them. We are excited to learn about the different parts of a plant that we have seen and be able to describe what they do.

Comic Relief – Red Nose Day

Green Class transformed into a red classroom last Friday, as we supported the Comic Relief charity by wearing something red. Thank you so much to everyone for your donations! These will go a long way to helping support people with tough lives both in the UK and across the world! We also had lots of fun designing our very own ‘Red Nose Day’ noses
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Green Class at Forest School

This half term Green Class have been down in the Forest School area learning about trees and how wonderful they are. They have found out which trees are growing in the woodland and how to recognise different trees from their leaves, fruit, seeds and bark. They have made things from the bits of tree that have fallen to the ground, practised using tools to
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