Blue Year 4 2020-21

Journey to the centre of the Earth

Ricardo Jones, Grandson of Indiana, joined Blue class this term and took us on a journey to the centre of the Earth. We learnt all about the different layers of the Earth and even saw some lava!

Our Outdoor Learning Project

Blue Class has been given the opportunity to develop the outdoor area outside of our classroom. One sunny afternoon, we sat outside and sketched our plans for the area. Some were very extravagant! We thought about what we would like to grow and what we could use the area for to enhance our learning. We are so excited to watch our area grow!  

Dance to the beat of our drums

Blue class is alive with the sound of drumming. During our music lessons this term, we have been getting to grips with playing djembe drums. This instrument creates an interesting deep sound and we have been using them to create different rhythms and pitches with our talented music teacher Mr Walker.     

A virtual field trip to the zoo

If Blue class can’t go to the zoo, we bring the zoo to Blue class! As part of our learning about living things in science, Blue class took part in an online virtual field trip to Chester Zoo. We saw lots of different animals up close and learnt all about their characteristics and natural habitats.

Welcome to Blue Year 4 2020/2021

Welcome to Blue Year 4 2020/2021