Violet Year 6 2020-21

Bacharach Anorak

  This half term we have been completing a music unit on Jazz. We have listened and appraised a wide range of Jazz from American jazz of the 1930’s to Duke Ellington. We all agreed that Jazz music is easy listening and we all liked it. However when it came to performing a piece we came into our own. We used chime bars and
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Dissecting a pluck!

This week, Violet class have been investigating the circulatory system with a lesson on dissections. We wanted to study a real trachea, lungs and heart and discover how their structure supports their functions. We were all a bit nervous before hand but as soon as we got started, we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the organs and talking about what we’d found.

Welcome to the Midnight Society

In our Literacy this half term we have been looking at stories which create fear and tension. We have enjoyed watching short films, trying out techniques to create suspense and adding sentences which give a real impact. The children’s writing has been very impressive, there are definitely a number of budding writers in Violet class. To celebrate the end of the unit we took
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