Forest School 2020-21

Christmas tree pine cones

This week in Forest School we decided to make more Christmas decorations. We went on a hunt for pine cones in our Forest School area and then painted the ones that we found green. When they had dried in the afternoon we enjoyed decorating our pine cones to turn them into mini Christmas trees.

Helping our animal friends

This week we talked about how the seasons are changing again but this time from Autumn to Winter. We read lots of books about how some animals hibernate over winter and discovered that hedgehogs often hibernate too. The children know that we often have hedgehogs down on our school field at night and were concerned that the hedgehogs would become cold in winter and
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Autumn crowns

This week in Forest School we talked about how the seasons have started to change from Summer to Autumn. We talked about how the leaves change colour and start to fall off the trees. We went for an Autumn walk in our Forest School area to find autumnal leaves and then collected these to make our own Autumn crowns to take home.

Diwali Fireworks

This week we were learning all about the celebration of Diwali and discovered that in Diwali lots of fireworks are set off to celebrate. We talked about fireworks that we have seen and what our favourite fireworks look like. The children worked with Mrs Park to use natural objects to create their own large scale fireworks in Forest School.

Bonfire Night in Forest School

This week we talked all about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and the traditions around it. In Forest School we decided to make our own Guy and also worked together to build a big bonfire to put him on.

Our first visit to Forest School

The children have loved exploring our Forest School area this week. The children enjoyed helping Miss Hays and Mrs Bradley to make a swing, seesaw and slide in our Forest School ‘park’.

Christmas Forest School

We have had a mix of all weathers at Forest School as we approached Christmas. We are never deterred; we simply put on our waterproofs and head out to have wet weather adventures instead! On our final session however, the sun shone down on us as we enjoyed some Christmas crafts. We made Father Christmas decorations, Christmas wands and a Christmas tree to hang
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Group 1 at Forest School

The first group from Yellow class have had a lovely time out at Forest School. They found that some of the characters from their class book; Leaf, were out in the Forest too. They found Leaf himself as well as the crows and all the other woodland animals. The children have shown that they are very good at directing their own learning outside with
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Green Class at Forest School

This half term Green Class have been down in the Forest School area learning about trees and how wonderful they are. They have found out which trees are growing in the woodland and how to recognise different trees from their leaves, fruit, seeds and bark. They have made things from the bits of tree that have fallen to the ground, practised using tools to
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