Yellow Year 2 2021-22

International Women’s Day

It was International Women’s Day on 8th March so we learned about some of the struggles women have had to overcome to get equality. We learn about some inspirational women in Year 2 who have made a difference to the world, but on this day we chose to celebrate some of the most inspirational women in our lives – our mums. We wrote letters
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World Book Day 2022

What an exciting day we had on World Book Day in Year 2! We each brought in our favourite book from home to share with one another and completed lots of great work around books, especially Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which we are reading in class at the moment. We took part in a fantastic dance session led by the company West End
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Road Safety

We had such a fun, valuable morning with Andy from Stockport Council who carried out some Road Safety activities with us on Broomfield Drive. We learned about some different crossings and how to cross roads safely in different scenarios, such as at T-junctions and when there are parked cars obstructing our view. We learned to check in parked cars to see if there was
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Minibeast hunt

As part of our ongoing work on habitats, we thought about what kind of animals we would find in our forest areas on our school field. We created some tables with names of minibeasts we thought we might find and then set off on a minibeast hunt! The children knew all the right places to look – damp, dark places such as under logs
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Florence Nightingale DEAL

DEAL (Drama, Engagement and Active Learning) underpins so much of our learning at St. Mary’s. We become immersed in a book or a situation and carry out lots of drama strategies to further our knowledge and become more engaged, which then has a fantastic impact on our writing! As part of our History work on significant individuals, we learned about how Florence Nightingale changed
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Infant Nativity 2021

Well done to our FABULOUS Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes for a brilliant Nativity. It was a huge success, the children worked so hard and the staff and their parents are so proud of them all! Check out the cast photos below:

Anti-Bullying week: One Kind Word

The theme for this year’s Anti-Bullying week was One Kind Word. We spent an afternoon thinking about what bullying is and what we would do if we felt we were being bullied or saw someone else being bullied. We looked at some scenarios and gave some great advice to help. We had a mature discussion about mental health and realised how important it is
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Children in Need 2021

Yellow class made such a great effort to support Children in Need this year that we had to take a photo! Everyone dressed in spots or in Pudsey clothes and gave a donation to go to the charity. We started the day by learning a bit about who and how our donations will help and enjoyed a Supermovers with Pudsey bear.


At the beginning of this half term, Year 2 learned a bit about World War 1 to understand the reason behind Remembrance Day each year. To help us understand the conditions in the trenches a little more, we looked at lots of pictures and asked lots of questions. We read about life in the trenches and then immersed ourselves in some drama to help
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Class Worship

We have been reading lots of Bible stories as part of our RE topic and thinking about how the stories in it show Christians how we should behave. Today, in Worship, we read The Good Samaritan and discussed how we should always show love and respect to everyone we meet. We laid out our green cloth and said our welcome words as we lit
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