Indigo Year 5 2021-22

Indigo Class – Anglo Saxon Day (ready for Aut 2)

Check out some of our learning on 19.10.21…  

Indigo Class – Computing Aut 1 – Audacity

  Some of Indigo Class in action in the computing suite working their magic using Audacity to record radio adverts in order to sell the Graphic Novel – Tom’s Midnight Garden!

Indigo Class – IsingPop Sessions every Thursday am

    Some of Indigo Class showing focus for all that IsingPop brings…

Indigo Class – Literacy Graphic Novel Designs

  Indigo Class – Recent Personal Graphic Novel Designs…

Indigo Class – Music Chime Bars

Here are some of Indigo class in action in a recent Music lesson using Chime Bars to Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer