Violet Year 6 2021-22

Shakespeare explorer : drama workshop

Violet class have been finding out all about the wonderful writing of William Shakespeare and because Shakespeare’s plays were written to be performed we have been using many of our Drama techniques to investigate our chosen play;  Romeo and Juliet. School also invited in West End in Schools, a theatre in education company to work with Violet class for the afternoon. The children were
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Whitworth Art Gallery

Violet class have had a fantastic day of Art at The Whitworth Art gallery. We were the gallery’s first school workshop after a very long break so there was excitement for us all. We were all taken with beauty of the buildings and the parkland around and enjoyed looking at the sculptures and Artworks inside and out. Jasmine and Steven encouraged us to draw
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Body t-shirts

Where will we find our organs?

In science this week we were investigating where our main organs can be found in our bodies.  After finding out what all their organs do, Year 6 drew them on to a t-shirt to show their positioning – they were fantastic – have a look at our slideshow.

Freddie Fit hits Year 6!

This term our focus in P.E every Friday is our health and working on building up our fitness which links to our overall topic of ‘This is us’ and looking at our body and how our organs work in science. On Monday 6th we welcomed ‘Freddie Fit’ back into school and had a fantastic session working on our fitness, getting our heart pumping and
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