Forest School 2014-15

Snail Racing at Nature Detectives

This week at Nature Detectives we have been finding out about snails. First we cleared the vegetable garden of as many snails as we could and then we took them down onto the field for a spot of snail racing. We found out that snails can move quite fast and sometimes the smaller snails moved the fastest. We awarded the winning snails flowers and
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Nature detectives goes pirate mad!

On our last week before half term we all went pirate mad. Our challenge was to find pirate treasure in the woods. On the list was a stick that looks like a hook and one to help you walk with a peg leg, something shiny, something round and smooth like a cannon ball and a leaf to turn into a eye patch. We set off enthusiastically
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Happy New Year Nature Detectives

We started off the new year at Nature detectives with lots of new members and a welly wander. We found lots of oozy mud. It was great! We then went down into the woodland to find materials for a mini woodland. We used branches, sticks, cones, leaves and logs to make our mini woodlands. Take a look here!

Week 3 at Forest school

This was our last session at Forest school for this year. We decided to have a party because Red Riding Hood got home safely. First we built a nice safe den. We all had good ideas about how to build it and which materials we could use. We then decorated the trees to make it look special and made some celebration forest crowns to
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Week 2 at Forest school

This week we have been thinking about the wolf from the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We found lots of colourful worms hanging in the trees. We sorted them into groups by colour and by size. Then we made some delicious mud cakes for the wolf. We mixed up the mud and put it into the cases with our hands. We are very
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Red Class at Forest School- Week 1

Red Class have been doing some great learning outside in the woods. We followed the pictures of Little Red Riding Hood all the way into the forest. We used our collecting bags to find some Autumn treasure for Red Riding Hood and then turned it all into a mobile and hung it on a tree for her to find. Then we used some mirrors
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Welcome back Nature detectives 2014/2015

Welcome back to Nature Detectives Club. As usual this club is very popular. We know from the numbers joining just how much you like working outside in our lovely outdoor environment. We started off looking at the change of the seasons and how seeds are beginning to fall. We also looked at the changing colours and played ‘Autumn colour bingo.’ We have also been
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Butterfly feeders at Nature Detectives.

In our penultimate week at Nature detectives we went on a butterfly hunt. We had a butterfly spotter sheet to help us. We also tried to attract some butterflies by putting up butterfly feeders with their favourite food…banana! We worked out today that we have been enjoying nature detectives for 11 months through the Autumn, winter, spring and into Summer. The children very definitely want
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The last week at Forest School

.This was our last session of Forest School…for now! We started off with our favourite games; Spark, spark, fire and One, two, three, Where are you? We then went searching for treasure in our magical woods. Amongst other things we had to find a buttercup or a pinecone that had been nibbled by a squirrel. We brought back all the treasures to the fire circle
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Week 4 at Forest School

At Forest school this week we played some of our favourite games to start us off. Spark, Spark fire and 1,2,3 where are you are definitely our favourites! We then spent the rest of the time thinking about trolls. We wondered if there might be trolls living in the woods and went to investigate. We found some interesting things. We then decided that we would
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