Green Year 3 2014-15

Music Celebration Assembly

This afternoon, we celebrated the exceptional musical talents of St Mary’s choir and guitar club. The assembly began with the guitar club playing three fantastic pieces, including one with three-way harmony. Then, the choir treated us to three songs. St Mary’s audience of pupils and parents even joined in with their interactive performance. Well done to everybody who took part, especially those who performed solos and duets. Thank you to our
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Look what we received through the post…

As part of our Letters topic in Literacy last half term, we each wrote to one of our favourite authors, telling them which books of theirs we like and asking them some questions. Some of us have received some replies: Ateisha’s reply from David Walliams Jacob’s letter from J. K Rowling Deanna’s reply from Caryl Hart Matthew’s reply from Caryl Hart To celebrate the
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STOMP Workshop

The first day back to school after our half term break was certainly an exciting one for St. Mary’s! We were joined by Pete from the stage show Stomp who taught us lots of fantastic dance moves using our hands and feet. Green and Blue classes joined together to learn a dance routine that required us to stay in time and perform each move
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Summer 2 Newsletter

Take a look at what Green class will be getting up to for our final half term of the year – Summer 2 Newsletter

Caryl Hart visits St Mary’s

At the end of the half term we were very lucky to have the author Caryl Hart visit us at St Mary’s. She has become a real friend to us now and we were very excited to hear about her new work and share some of her new books. We all got the opportunity to work with her in our classrooms and she was
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Royal letters

Following the birth of Princess Charlotte on 2nd May, we have learned a little about the Royal family and discussed how Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Church of England. We decided that because we were learning about the Royals, and because our most recent Literacy topic is based around writing letters, we would write our own letters to members of the Royal
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Making fruit salads

This half term, we combined D&T with Literacy and Science. We decided that as we were learning about plants that are grown for food, we would plan and make our own fruit salads and write instructions on how to make them in Literacy, thinking carefully about the range of verbs and adverbs we could use. To begin with, we tasted a range of fruit
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St Mary’s Chicks week 1

It has been a long week for our chicks. Since arriving as little eggs, they have hatched and grown into curious, adventurous chicks. As soon as the the chick has hatched and dried out in the incubator they are moved into the box where they can drink, feed and scratch. They have grown so much in 4 days and most are beginning to loose
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Green Class Assembly!

Green class became teachers this morning. We taught all the other children and our parents who came to watch lots of interesting facts about our skeleton and how to keep our bodies healthy by doing exercise and eating a balanced diet. We even got the rest of the school dancing and singing along with us!

Partial Solar Eclipse 2015

At 9:30am on Friday 20th March 2015 the skies went dark and the birds stopped singing… we were experiencing a 90% solar eclipse. The last eclipse was in 1999 and the next total eclipse is not until 2090, this was an experience we were not going to miss! We had our pinhole paper ready and even the intermittent cloud could not dampen our excitement.