Orange 2015-16

Freddie Fit

What a fantastic day we’ve had today in Orange and Yellow classes. We were lucky enough for Freddie Fit to join us for a whole hour. He taught us how important it is to stay healthy, warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards. He also talked to us about the Olympics in Rio and the Paralympics going on at the moment. We played
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Happy Puzzle Afternoon

This afternoon, Orange and Yellow classes have been challenged with puzzles from the Happy Puzzle Company. The puzzles needed us to use logical reasoning skills, be determined and work as a team. Puzzles can be purchased form the company website.

Mill Apprentice Day!

Orange Class were transported back in time today and took part in an apprentice child day. The children were very enthusiastic and came in dressed up as Victorian children! Miss Tebbutt gave the rules as a strict Victorian teacher, there was no talking, no putting hands up and the girls and boys had to stay apart. We started the day with observational drawing of
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Quarry Bank Mill Visit

Orange class had a very exciting trip today to Quarry Bank Mill in Styal. We started the day with a weaving workshop which supported our Art topic well by teaching us how to make yarn out of sheep’s wool. We had a turn making the yarn on a spinning wheel. We also sorted different materials used for clothes and practiced our weaving. Afer lunch,
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Sports Day

  It was a glorious morning for Key Stage One Sports Day today. What a fantastic morning of sprinting, jumping, hurdling and throwing! Take a look below at some of the photographs. Thank you to all our family and friends for coming to cheer us on.

2D shapes

Orange Class have been investigating 2D shapes. We made different shapes, see if you can spot a circle, square, rectangle, trapezium, hexagon, pentagon, octagon and irregular quadrilateral!

Construction Club Week 2

What a fantastic session we’ve had at construction club this week! We focussed on Tower Bridge and how to build a structure with a moving bridge. The children used a range of materials, from crates and bricks to lego, mobile and tape and created some excellent structures with towers and hinge joints for the bridges. Take a look at the pictures of our creations
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Class Assembly

On Thursday, Orange Class performed a brilliant assembly! We wanted to share our learning with the parents and children of the school and show them what we know about explorers. And to update everyone on the Rocket Seeds experiment. Orange Class were amazing, they were confident and spoke with loud voices, we were all very proud, well done!  

Key Stage 1 Construction Club

We have been having lots of fun at Construction club in key stage 1. Every week we study a structure from a different country and look at the design, materials, purpose and techniques used to build it, then plan and design our own models based on the focus structure. This week we built models of our school. The children make some super models using
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This half term, we have been lucky enough to have been taught gymnastics by a professional gymnastics instructor. We have been covering a topic of rocking and rolling. We have learnt a lot about gymnastics including how to be safe and be ready to take part, following instructions from a partner, playing different balance games, travelling in new ways, rocking on parts of our
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