Yellow 2015-16

Freddie Fit

What a fantastic day we’ve had today in Orange and Yellow classes. We were lucky enough for Freddie Fit to join us for a whole hour. He taught us how important it is to stay healthy, warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards. He also talked to us about the Olympics in Rio and the Paralympics going on at the moment. We played
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Happy Puzzle Afternoon

This afternoon, Orange and Yellow classes have been challenged with puzzles from the Happy Puzzle Company. The puzzles needed us to use logical reasoning skills, be determined and work as a team. Puzzles can be purchased form the company website.

Week Three at Forest School

We had a very hot, sunny day for our last session at Forest school so we were glad to be working in the cool woodland. We’d heard that Mr Massey had seen something sparkly fluttering around down there so we went on a fairy hunt. We found fairy sparkle dust and fairy hair hanging in the trees. We used the fairy hair left for
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Forest School Week Two

This week at Forest school it had been raining again! We all put on our wellies and our waterproofs and set off into the woods. We were thinking about our class book Billy’s Bucket this week. We filled our own mini buckets with special woodland ingredients to make a magic potion that would give us special powers. We used a lot of imagination too!
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A trip to the beach!

Today we had a fabulous day at the beach! We left school at 9.15am and arrived at West Kirby at 10.30. Our first task was to build the biggest and the best sandcastle. With the help of our (quietly competitive) parent helpers we created some amazing sandcastles! Take a look at the pictures below. Mrs Moran couldn’t decide on a winner, so because we
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Sports Day

  It was a glorious morning for Key Stage One Sports Day today. What a fantastic morning of sprinting, jumping, hurdling and throwing! Take a look below at some of the photographs. Thank you to all our family and friends for coming to cheer us on.

Construction Club Week 2

What a fantastic session we’ve had at construction club this week! We focussed on Tower Bridge and how to build a structure with a moving bridge. The children used a range of materials, from crates and bricks to lego, mobile and tape and created some excellent structures with towers and hinge joints for the bridges. Take a look at the pictures of our creations
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Forest School Week One

We were all very excited to be starting our Forest school sessions. The woodland area has grown so much with all the sunshine and rain.  We even found it hard to find our Fire circle in the long grass! It is always very peaceful down on the field and we sat and listened to all the beautiful woodland sounds. We decided the music the
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Key Stage 1 Construction Club

We have been having lots of fun at Construction club in key stage 1. Every week we study a structure from a different country and look at the design, materials, purpose and techniques used to build it, then plan and design our own models based on the focus structure. This week we built models of our school. The children make some super models using
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Follow the progress of the seeds.

This page will be updated regularly to show the progress of the rocket seeds experiment on behalf of the RHS and European Space Agency. Monday 18th April Seeds arrived. Tuesday 19th April Seeds were sown. Friday 22nd April The first seeds have germinated! Tuesday 26th April The seeds are growing really well now. Nearly all the seeds have germinated across the two packets. At
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