Indigo 2015-16

Happy Puzzle Company

This morning we were joined by Fraser from the Happy Puzzle Company. During this time, we solved many logic problems. We had to persevere to solve one before moving onto the next and due to our growth mind set, we moved up the challenges brilliantly! Indigo and Violet class showed many skills such as teamwork, trial and improvement and creativity. Here are some photos below
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Lancashire County Cricket Club

Indigo and Violet classes have learnt lots of new skills today on their visit to Lancashire County Cricket Club. The day began with a talk about the stadium from the media centre which looked out over the ground. Next we used our newly acquired vocabulary to solve a variety of problems using iPads. After lunch, we practised our batting, bowling and fielding skills in
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Reddish Vale Science Lesson

This morning we went to Reddish Vale to learn more about properties and changes to materials. We investigated whether substances were reversible or irreversible using resources such as filter paper, Bunsen burners, evaporating dishes and test tubes. We even identifies reactions between magnesium and acid, which made a very squeaky pop! Here are some pictures from our morning.

Sports Day!

It was a lovely, sunny afternoon for KS2 sports day this year! Violet, Indigo, Blue and Green classes competed in a variety of different activities including races, long jump, javelin and target games and lots of fun was had by all. Thanks to all the friends and family who came out to support us and especially to those who participated in the parents’ sprint and
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Edale 2016

Indigo have had a fabulous time in Edale! They have had an incredibly busy, but fun packed, trip which included abseiling, weaselling, canoeing, a night hike, archery and teamwork games. It was lovely to see Indigo working as a team, strengthening friendships, trusting each other, giving advice and having the courage to have a go and persevere during all of these activities. Indigo’s behaviour was fantastic throughout
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Indigo’s General Election

All week in Literacy we have been working on our manifestos and campaigns, which link to the policies which we would want if we were prime minister. We analysed, planned, wrote and edited manifestos based on these policies as a group. Year 3 came along to our campaign morning and voted on ballot papers for who they thought would make the best changes. Have a look
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Air Raid Shelter Trip

We finally made it to the Air Raid Shelters after having to rearrange because of the snow last time! In the morning, we had a tour around the shelters. We found out about what the conditions were like and the effect the war had in Stockport. Some of us also overcame our fears as Ruth and Carolyn (tour guides) turned the lights off in part
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Follow the progress of the seeds.

This page will be updated regularly to show the progress of the rocket seeds experiment on behalf of the RHS and European Space Agency. Monday 18th April Seeds arrived. Tuesday 19th April Seeds were sown. Friday 22nd April The first seeds have germinated! Tuesday 26th April The seeds are growing really well now. Nearly all the seeds have germinated across the two packets. At
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Indigo’s Operation Eagle Eye Class Assembly

Today Indigo made everyone proud with their fantastic class assembly about Operation Eagle Eye. They put a lot of effort into researching and collating data for it. They learnt about averages and how to interpret data as well as statistics about incidents on the road. All of this hard work definitely paid off! Parents, staff and children all gave great feedback and many were
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More gardening

In the last two weeks we have continued to work on the school garden. We have finished preparing the beds and begun to plant some seeds which are growing nicely indoors. We have some new hedging to plant which was donated by the Woodland trust and we have created a new bug hotel. Although our dedicated gardening time is finished now we will still
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