Orange Year 1 2016-17

Quarry Bank Mill

We had a fantastic time at Quarry Bank Mill! We had a mill tour where we heard how loud the cotton machines were and learnt a lot about how people lived and worked in the mill. We were especially interested in what jobs the children had t o do including sweeping the chimney and cleaning the horses out! In the afternoon we had a
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Construction Club

We have had a busy half term in Construction Club. We began by using LEGO and learning about Lego Club, taking photos of our building to send to the LEGO Magazine. We entered a competition to design our own LEGO characters. We took on the builder’s challenge to build a bridge which could hold 3 cars. Finally, we have been filming VLOG posts to
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Oxfam Water Week

Eco-council have done a fantastic job organising events for the Oxfam Water Week. All week the children have been bringing loose change in to try and fill a water bottle. Every class managed to fill a bottle, some even had to get a second or third bottle!  Each class has learnt about the work Oxfam do for water vulnerable people and why this work
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KS2 Sports day!

Yesterday, Monday 3rd July, St. Mary’s held their annual KS2 sports day afternoon. All parents were invited to watch the children complete a number of activities testing both individually and within teams including, sprint races, javelin, long jump, obstacle races, relay, egg and spoon, sack races and target games. Have a look at our photos below.

EYFS & Key Stage 1 Sports day

Thank you so much to all the parents, family and friends who attended our sports morning. We had lots of fun despite the rain trying to spoil the day. Please take a look at some of us in action.

Dynamic division!

Year one have been working really hard on understanding division this week. Here are some pictures of a practical investigation we completed looking at grouping and sharing methods.

Fun with Poetry!

What an exciting day we have had at St. Mary’s with a visit from poet Matt Goodfellow. The day began with a performance in the hall for KS2 children, followed by a performance for KS1 children. Matt was so entertaining and we all laughed as he shared funny stories about his children and his inspiration for his different poems. As well as that, we
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Orange Class Red Riding Hood Assembly

Orange Class were fantastic in their assembly today, we are all so proud of you!

Week 2 at forest school

This week at Forest school we went looking for the giant! We decided some of the trees look like giants so we used some thick, oozy mud to create scary faces on the trees. That should frighten the giant away! Some of us weren’t sure about getting dirty but at forest school we are encouraged to take a risk and in the end we
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Orange class go looking for magic beans!

Orange class have been out in the woodland looking for Jack. They didn’t find him but they did find some magic beans which they have planted into pots. We’re going to keep a close eye on them to see if they grow into a giant beanstalk! After that we went looking to find out what was growing in the woodland. We looked closely at
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