Red EYFS 2017-18

Red Class Newsletter 22 September 2017

Newsletter 20/07/18

newsletter 20 07 18

ABCD Street Dance and Drama Assembly

This morning we had a fantastic display of street dancing from our after school club ABCD dance. We also had a snapshot of drama from our after school drama club, who performed Matilda!! It was such a treat, they were amazing! Well done to all involved and thank you to Miss Andrea, Miss Caroline and Miss Leah!

Boomerang throwing

This week we have learnt all about Australia. Mrs Bradley brought in boomerangs from Australia and we watched a video about aboriginal children and how they used boomerangs to hunt. We then went onto the field and practised throwing boomerangs ourselves. Our friend from Year 4 was able to show us how they worked and then supported the children to throw them correctly.

Newsletter 06 07 18

newsletter 06 07 18

Sports Day 2018

What a beautiful day for St Mary’s sports day!! It was Early Years and Key Stage One Sports Day in the morning and Key Stage Two in the afternoon. We set off on our circuit of activities with so much to do. There were sprint races, obstacle races, target games, sack races and relays plus lots more!! A wonderful day was had by all!
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Bollywood Dancing

We had a very special visit from Ria who is a Bollywood dancer. She showed us lots of videos of the different dances that she does and then she taught us a Bollywood routine. Ria also showed us the different outfits and jewellery that she wears when dancing and we then performed our Bollywood routine to Mrs Irvin. IMG_1745


We loved our Superhero topic in Reception! We discovered that our class teddy had been stolen by a new Super Villain called Mayhem Man. We decided to become superheroes ourselves to try and rescue Cuddles! We made our own superhero characters and thought about the powers we would like. We then designed and made our superhero outfits to defeat Mayhem Man! IMG_1553 IMG_1556

Mr Beckingham

We always really look forward to Mr Beckingham’s visits. He brought his painting easel today which is always a treat! He told us a story about the miracle of how Jesus calmed a storm on the Sea of Galilee, as depicted in the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. He painted as he was talking
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The children have loved our dance sessions with Miss Andrea and have worked hard to remember several dance routines. The children enjoyed showing what they had learnt in their dance sessions to an audience. IMG_1516 IMG_1515

Making pizzas

This week we have been learning all about Italy. We have looked at the different foods they eat in Italy and made our own pizzas. The children were able to listen very carefully to the instructions from Mrs Bradley and choose the toppings they would like for their pizzas.