Yellow Year 2 2017-18

ABCD Street Dance and Drama Assembly

This morning we had a fantastic display of street dancing from our after school club ABCD dance. We also had a snapshot of drama from our after school drama club, who performed Matilda!! It was such a treat, they were amazing! Well done to all involved and thank you to Miss Andrea, Miss Caroline and Miss Leah!

West Kirby

We all went to West Kirby beach today, it was such an exciting adventure! We set off straight away on a big coach down the motorway. The weather was perfect for a day on the beach building sandcastles and playing games. We had such fun, building, digging and burying. After lunch we played lots of different sports and games. Mrs Moran even brought her
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Picture Postcards

Year 2’s topic this half term is the seaside. We have been looking at postcards and how to write them. Lots of the children sent postcards from their holidays over the May half term and we have been reading them and writing our own. After orally planning and then writing our postcards we performed them with the help of the apps Green screen and
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Sports Day 2018

What a beautiful day for St Mary’s sports day!! It was Early Years and Key Stage One Sports Day in the morning and Key Stage Two in the afternoon. We set off on our circuit of activities with so much to do. There were sprint races, obstacle races, target games, sack races and relays plus lots more!! A wonderful day was had by all!
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Mr Beckingham

We always really look forward to Mr Beckingham’s visits. He brought his painting easel today which is always a treat! He told us a story about the miracle of how Jesus calmed a storm on the Sea of Galilee, as depicted in the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. He painted as he was talking
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Art and the Environment week

We have been very creative during Art and the Environment week . We linked all our outdoor and Eco learning with our Art skills to create some lovely work. The main activity of the week was working with Amanda from Discover and Create in a Recycle, Re-use, Re-think workshop. Amanda showed us how to recycle plastic bags to create a piece of Art work.
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Week Two at Forest School

We were glad to be in the shade of the lovely, cool woodland this week as the weather got hot. Last week we focused on our listening skills so this week we used our sense of smell. We went into the woodland and collected as many different scents as we could to make a smelly potion. The wild garlic gave us the strongest smell
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Week One at Forest School

Year Two have waited a long time for their turn at Forest school but it has finally arrived. We had a lovely afternoon listening to the sounds of the forest. We heard birds singing and cawing, the wind rustling the leaves in the trees and even insects moving around in the lovely long grass. We decided to make our own ‘forest music’ so we
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Yellow class Summer 2 newsletter

Please click here to see this half terms newsletter Summer 2

Yellow class Worship

It was Yellow Classes turn to run the whole school worship this morning. They chose, alongside Mrs Moran, to tell the school all about their RE topic climate change. They fluently and expertly told the school about how the planet is changing. They stood up confidently and said how we are affecting the planet we live on and asked the rest of the school
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