Green Year 3 2017-18

Rainy day at Forest school

Today at Forest school it was a wet and windy day. Luckily we were well prepared with our warm waterproof clothes and a flask full of hot chocolate. Our challenge was to identify the trees that grow in our woodland. We looked carefully at the leaves and seeds to help us. We spotted Ash, Oak, Sycamore, Beech, Elder, Field Maple and Hawthorn. Mrs Moran
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Wonderful Trees!

Did you know trees have faces? Green class found this out whilst out on forest school. We found some with big eyes, big noses and even one with an elephant’s trunk! We then had a go at making our own tree faces. We hope you don’t get too scared. Next we tried making mobiles with all the treasure that has fallen from the trees.
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Harvest festival

Today, St Mary’s celebrated their harvest festival with a service in our school hall. All of the children took part through singing, acting, reading poems, prayers or telling a story. We heard all about the very first harvest festival organised by Reverend Robert Stephen Hawker and heard a poem about how much the weather effects our harvest. The children sang beautifully and the stage
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Freddy Fit

We always look forward to Freddy Fit’s annual visit at the beginning of each school year! He spent an hour with Green and Blue class to display how exercise is not only important but it can also be lots of fun too! We carried out a warm-up to modern music, followed by lots of fun activities with some speed jump mats and skipping ropes.
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Green Class Autumn 1 newsletter

Autumn 1 Newsetter Y3 – 17-18