Blue Year 4 2017-18

ABCD Street Dance and Drama Assembly

This morning we had a fantastic display of street dancing from our after school club ABCD dance. We also had a snapshot of drama from our after school drama club, who performed Matilda!! It was such a treat, they were amazing! Well done to all involved and thank you to Miss Andrea, Miss Caroline and Miss Leah!

Sports Day 2018

What a beautiful day for St Mary’s sports day!! It was Early Years and Key Stage One Sports Day in the morning and Key Stage Two in the afternoon. We set off on our circuit of activities with so much to do. There were sprint races, obstacle races, target games, sack races and relays plus lots more!! A wonderful day was had by all!
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Mr Beckingham

We always really look forward to Mr Beckingham’s visits. He brought his painting easel today which is always a treat! He told us a story about the miracle of how Jesus calmed a storm on the Sea of Galilee, as depicted in the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament of the Christian Bible. He painted as he was talking
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Art and the Environment week

We have been very creative during Art and the Environment week . We linked all our outdoor and Eco learning with our Art skills to create some lovely work. The main activity of the week was working with Amanda from Discover and Create in a Recycle, Re-use, Re-think workshop. Amanda showed us how to recycle plastic bags to create a piece of Art work.
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Summer 2 Newsletter

We’re not slowing down just yet in Year 4! Have a look at what we’ll be getting up to until the end of the year: Summer 2

Smile for a Mile!

Year 4 were chosen today to become ambassadors for the new ‘Smile for a Mile’ initiative that is taking off at St Mary’s! The aim is to help increase our fitness and get us running round more at break and lunchtimes. We hope to do this by walking, running or jogging a mile as much as possible – all whilst smiling of course! In
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Blue Class Worship

Courage was our Christian Value this half term and Blue Class planned and presented an assembly to the rest of the school. It is always very special when the children present an assembly in this way, as they take responsibility for planning and delivering each section themselves. The children decided on ‘I believe I can fly’ as the song being played as children walked
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Battle Cry!

This half term, we followed a Read, Write, Perform unit where the aim was to read and compare a variety of persuasive speeches and then have a go at writing and performing our own. We imagined that there was a horrifying beast ruling over a village that we were the chieftain of, and our job was to write a speech that was powerful and
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Week Three Forest School

This week at forest school we took the ipads and photographed our favourite areas of the woodland. We all have special places that we like. We also discussed over a hot chocolate and a toasted marshmallow how we could improve forest school. The children are to write letters to Mrs Irvin to persuade her to give the children longer time in Forest school. Blue
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Forest School Week Two

This week in forest school we have tried to attract more birds to our area by putting out food. We threaded apple and sultanas onto wire and hung them all around. We will be keeping our eye out to see which birds come for a good feed. We then turned our attention to the minibeasts which are all coming out of their eggs and
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