Orange Year 1 2018-19

Sports Day 2019

The children had a fantastic time at our Sports Day this year. They had six different challenges and activities to complete throughout the morning and worked well in their teams to take part in all of the races.

ABCD Dance Show

This morning the street dance and drama after school clubs put on a spectacular show for the whole school and parents too! It was amazing to see how confident even the youngest children were. What a treat it was! Take a look at the photos…

Tennis coach

Today we had a tennis coach visit Key Stage 1 and teach the basics of tennis. Year 1 have been learning about Wimbledon and have shown a keen interest in following the big stars and learning the rules of the game.  The coach showed us how to gently hit the ball after letting it bounce and helped develop our coordination when hitting over a
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Quarry Bank Mill Trip

Year 1 had a brilliant trip to see a real life mill at Quarry Bank. This was a second mill owned by the Greg family who also owned a mill in Reddish. We learnt about what it would be like to be an apprentice working in the mill and what it was like in the little cottages they lived in. We had a tour
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Music Morning

Today, Year 1 had a fantastic morning learning beats and rhythms. We practised different beats and rhythms and played lots of games to develop our timing. We learnt a song about Australia, practised it and then recorded it, we had a great time!

Orange Class Assembly!

Orange Class performed an AMAZING class assembly today! They showed all the different ways we are creative in Year 1 through songs, writing, D&T and dance. Well done Year 1!

Group Two at Forest School

The second group have waited in anticipation for their turn at Forest School. They enjoyed looking around the Forest for some of the things from the Jack and the Beanstalk story. Then they decided to make some scary faces on the trees to scare away any giants that might come to our woodland. They used mud, sticks and other woodland items. After that they
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Magic Beans in the Forest

The first half of Orange class have been out in the woodland this week and while they were busy exploring the woodland they found some magic beans. They decided that they might have been left by Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. We decided to plant them and see if we could grow a beanstalk of our own. After that we decided to see
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Super handwriting!

This week we have seen our first joiners earn their joining licence! These children have shown constancy in their handwriting in both their literacy book and across the curriculum. They will now be taught how to join some letters ready for Year 2. I wonder how many more joiners we will see…

Lowry trip

Today Year 1 had a fantastic trip to the Lowry at gallery. We learnt how to draw simple buildings and had lots of time to study real works of art by L.S Lowry and pic out pictures of buildings which we would like to use in our artwork. Later on, we went back in the art studio to draw our own Lowry style buildings.
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