Yellow Year 2 2018-19

Sports Day 2019

The children had a fantastic time at our Sports Day this year. They had six different challenges and activities to complete throughout the morning and worked well in their teams to take part in all of the races.

ABCD Dance Show

This morning the street dance and drama after school clubs put on a spectacular show for the whole school and parents too! It was amazing to see how confident even the youngest children were. What a treat it was! Take a look at the photos…

Seaside Assembly

Yellow Class demonstrated how much they have learnt during this half term topic Seasides. We described all the differences between holidays in the past and present. We read postcards, demonstrated some country dancing and sang holiday songs. Take a look at the pictures below.

Country Dancing

This half term Mrs Warburton has been teaching Yellow Class some Country Dancing. We have learnt Circassian Circle and Sailor’s Hornpipe. Scan the QR codes below to see how we are getting on…

Z-Arts Printing Workshop

Today we had a screen printing workshop with Michelle and Chris from Z-Arts. We learnt how to use a mesh screen, a squeegee and special ink to make a print. Firstly we drew things we would find in the environment like leaves and plants, then after cutting them out we did our first layer of print. After this dried for a short time we
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Summer 1 Newsletter

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Travelling and balancing

This half term our P.E. lessons have been concentrating on travelling along in different ways and on different types of equipment. We have travelled along the floor on different body parts. We have then moved onto travelling along mats and benches in different ways. We also have practised how to land safely by landing with feet together and bending our knees. Take a look
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Science day

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic afternoon investigating different sciences. We looked at onion cells and hair under powerful microscopes, learnt about current with a plasma ball and investigated clear liquids and sorted them into acid, neutral and alkaline. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and want to say a big thank you to Mrs Lee’s for bringing the equipment in and for teaching
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Spring 2 Newsletter

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Bridge building workshop

Thursday morning we held our bridge building workshop. Where we put into practise all that we had learnt about bridges, it was time to bring our designs to life! We worked together in pairs or groups or even on our own to create the designed bridge. We used lots of skills, including cutting, sticking, problem solving and team work. We then tested whether it
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