Blue Year 4 2018-19

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

ABCD Dance Show

This morning the street dance and drama after school clubs put on a spectacular show for the whole school and parents too! It was amazing to see how confident even the youngest children were. What a treat it was! Take a look at the photos…

The Tin Forest

This half term we have been inspired to work across the curriculum by Helen Ward’s book; The Tin Forest. We have enjoyed using all our Drama strategies to explore the book and give us ideas for our own forest stories. We loved being outside in our own woodland exploring the book and planning our own stories. We have sent some of our stories to
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Woodland Habitats

Blue class started their Forest School sessions today and their focus has been on Habitats which links with their Science work. We were particularly interested in the variety of bird life in our area and spent some time bird watching. One group was very lucky to see a Sparrowhawk come sweeping down over the trees. The smaller birds got very panicky. We have decided
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Italian Day

As part of our Geography work this half term we have been focusing on Italy and comparing another European country to the United Kingdom. Today we had a whole day focusing on Italy. We used our speaking and listening skills to teach each other about aspects of Italian life as well as turning the information we researched and recorded into books to go into
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Make a neuron, make memories!

As a follow-up task to Mrs Lee’s session with us in British Science Week, we decided to find out a little more about neurons in our brains. Our brains control everything we think, feel, say and do. Inside our brains we have around 80 billion cells called neurons. Luckily, neurons are tiny so we can fit them all in – about 30,000 neurons could
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British Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week, Mrs Lee (who teaches Science in a high school), spent time with each class to conduct Science investigations under the 3 headings of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Year 3 and 4 loved our time with her and learned lots of new facts through our hands-on learning. On the Chemistry table, we donned lab coats and goggles and used pipettes
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The Water Cycle

In Science, we have been thinking about states of matter and how water can present itself in 3 forms- a solid, a liquid and a gas. This led us to thinking about the Water Cycle and in particular the stages of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. We made some Thinglinks to help explain the different stages. Have a look at some of them below:

Spring 2 Newsletter

Have a read of what is in store for Blue class this half term… Spring 2

Roman Art Workshop

To bring our Roman topic to an end, Year 4 were incredibly lucky to take part in an Arts workshop. Natalie from Z Arts came to visit us and helped us to make some Roman banners using food dye! At first, we sketched some symbols onto material and then we worked as a team to colour in the backgrounds of our banners in bold
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