Indigo Year 5 2018-19

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

ABCD Dance Show

This morning the street dance and drama after school clubs put on a spectacular show for the whole school and parents too! It was amazing to see how confident even the youngest children were. What a treat it was! Take a look at the photos…


Indigo class had an amazing time at Edale. During the trip, not only did they take part in a range of activities, but they also strengthened friendships, developed their perseverance skills and worked as a team. It was lovely to see the children encouraging and supporting each other. 

Schools Linking Project

This year, Indigo class has been part of the Schools Linking Project. We teamed up with a fellow Year 5 class in Manchester and spent time exchanging information and messages. Working with our partner class, we explored four key themes: Who am I? – exploring identity, who are we?- celebrating diversity, where do we live? – promoting community and how do we all live
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A day as an evacuee

Indigo class spent yesterday as evacuees. We visited the Stockport Air Raid Shelters and spent the morning exploring the many narrow corridors and imagined what it would have been like to spend time there during the war. After lunch, carried out various household chores and engaged in a gas mask drill!

Spectacular Science!

Yesterday, we became scientists to celebrate ‘British Science Week’ which is taking place until 13th March.  Mrs Lee kindly came in to support our children in learning Physics, Chemistry and Biology across a series of experiments. Year 5 and 6 used microscopes to explore how things look close up such as hair and their own skin cells!  They had to make sure the light
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Horrendous History

In Spring 1, Indigo class examined the features of, ‘Horrible Histories’. We studied World War 1 and completed lots of research to create our very own Horrible Histories text based on World War 1. Last week, we had a visitor from Z-arts come to school to help us bring our books to life! 

Spring 2 Newsletter

Find out what Indigo class is doing this term… spring 2 newsletter 2018-19

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year on Tuesday 5th February, KS2 classes completed a carousel of activities to learn more about the celebration and also to get our creative juices flowing. All children completed all activities throughout the morning. In the Year 3 classroom, we had a go at some Chinese writing and then made our work into scrolls. In the Year 4 classroom, we
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The power of online positivity

To celebrate ‘Safer Internet Day 2019’, Indigo class spent yesterday afternoon focusing on the power of online positivity. We focused on how to develop respectful, healthy and empathetic online relationships and ways to manage and respond (in a healthy and safe way) to hurtful online behaviour. Indigo class discussed why kindness, online and offline, matters and how a to be positive role model. Please find
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