Forest School 2018-19

ABCD Dance Show

This morning the street dance and drama after school clubs put on a spectacular show for the whole school and parents too! It was amazing to see how confident even the youngest children were. What a treat it was! Take a look at the photos…

Forest School 14/05/19

The children really enjoyed exploring our forest school area in the beautiful sunshine today. The children enjoyed making natural sun catchers by collecting lots of flowers and leaves in our outdoor area. We used the magnifying glasses to look closely at the petals and learnt the name of some common flowers such as daisies, dandelions and buttercups.

Forest School

In forest school this week the children were very busy making nature crowns and journey sticks. The children enjoyed exploring and observing the new flowers and plants that have started to grow in our forest school area and we loved exploring blowing the dandelion seeds across the fields.

Group Two at Forest School

The second group have waited in anticipation for their turn at Forest School. They enjoyed looking around the Forest for some of the things from the Jack and the Beanstalk story. Then they decided to make some scary faces on the trees to scare away any giants that might come to our woodland. They used mud, sticks and other woodland items. After that they
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Stanley’s Stick

After reading the story Stanley’s Stick the children enjoyed searching for their own sticks in Forest School. The children turned their sticks into guitars, magic wands, swords, aeroplanes, dinosaurs…. Max found a stick that had two parts to it and said it looks like a catapult. We then used elastic bands to turn it into a real catapult. The other children were amazed at
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Muddy faces

Red class had a great week in Forest School. The children worked hard to create a big tent with Mrs Bradley and then worked with Miss Hays to make some funny mud faces out of natural materials.

Red Class nests and hedgehog houses

The children have enjoyed learning about the different animals that we have in our Forest School area. We talked about animals that hibernate for winter and we decided to make houses for the hedgehogs. The children thought about how to keep the hedgehogs safe during winter and worked hard to collect lots of grass, leaves and branches for each hedgehog house. The children also
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Big birds nest

This week in Forest School we spotted lots of birds nests high in the trees where the leaves had dropped. The children decided that we should make our own bird’s nests on the ground. Lots of the children said we should make an enormous bird’s nest that everyone could sit in. The children then worked together to collect lots of big branches and arranged
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First week at Forest school for Green class

Green class have been out at forest school finding out about the wonderful trees we have in our woodland area. They started off by looking for faces on the trees. We found trees with eyes and noses and we even found a tree with an elephants trunk! After that we went on an Autumn treasure hunt to see what the trees had dropped for
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Spooky skeletons

Spooky Skeletons In our first Nature club of the year we used the sticks and logs from around the woodland area to make some spooky skeletons. We wondered if they might get up and play together after we went home!