France Week

As part of our ‘Children Around the World’ topic we have been learning about France this week. We began by exploring what life is like for children in France, we looked at the food, buildings, weather, money and language and used this information to make a class book about France.
We also designed and made our own baguettes, take a look at the photos below to see our delicious fillings!
We are learning about time in Maths and decided to time each other doing laps of the yard on the balance bikes. The children used the timers and recorded the time of their friends lap, we then chose the three fastest laps to enter the final of our ‘Tour De St Mary’s’ as the Tour De France started this weekend. The whole school came out to cheer the finalists on in a very exciting race! You can see from the photos and videos below how much fun we had! Well done to the winner Alfie, and the runners up Sam and Lucy, you were all ‘tres bien’!


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