Stone Age Workshop

On Wednesday 28th September, Green class travelled back to the Stone Age with two time-travelling doctors, Doctor Spudacus and Doctor Doctor Doctor Doctor Jnr 3rd Esquire. We learned so many new facts about the Stone Age as well as having lots and lots of belly laughs as the 2 doctors were hilarious!

Firstly, we set out a human timeline to show just how far back in history the Stone Age was.We travelled all the way back through the First World War in 1914, the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the birth of Jesus 2016 years ago, all the way to Ancient Egyptian times and then finally right the way back into the Stone Age.

We talked about the different animals that the Stone Age people would have encountered and discussed whether we would be scared of them. This largely depended on whether the animals were carnivores (meat-eaters) or herbivores (plant-eaters). We felt the different animal furs (the cave lion’s was definitely the softest!) and imagined we were in a dark cave. Using only our sense of touch, we had to guess which animal had approached us.


Then we thought about the kind of art Stone Age people created on Cave Walls and recreated them using our bodies. We came up with lots of ideas in our groups and had human paintings of people and various animals.

We learned how the Stone Age people mummified their dead. Isaac was our model for this!

Finally, we took part in a Stone Age quiz and were very pleased with ourselves when we received a high score. Thanks for a great morning Doctors!



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