DEWA Centre, Chester

What a super day we’ve had today in Chester! We started with a tour of the DEWA centre where we saw what life would have been like as Romans. We learnt about the food they ate, the armour they wore and the medical treatments (quite different to what we’re used to!)

Next, we went down to the site of the archaeological dig where we could see remains of buildings through the ages. One of the best bits was when we got to try out some armour and play with some replicas of Roman weapons and buildings.

After lunch, we met our Roman soldier who took us on a march through Chester. He taught us how to form a testudo with our shields and took us down into the amphitheatre, where we witnessed a real gladiator fight!

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend after a very exciting day. Some of us were so tired we couldn’t wait until we got home before we had a sneaky nap!

Miss Kidd


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