Science week!

As part of British Science week we took part in a range of activities through the week. 

All week the children participated in a Famous Scientists QR trail. Children used I-pads to scan the QR codes and answer questions about that scientist. We all learnt a lot about what they discovered and how they changed the world.

Children were asked to take pictures of ‘everyday science’. This could be anything they saw which was some form on science such as making a cup of tea, a car running or even a building. We had many entries with the winning photograph chosen by teachers.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to have a visit from a scientist. She demonstrated a chemistry, physics and biology experiment then the children completed an experiment of their own. Reception investigated different ways to rescue an object from a block of ice. Years 1 and 2 made rockets and investigated how to make them fly higher. Years 3 and 4 made poo from the past then investigated what they think the animal ate based on what they found in their poo. Years 5 and 6 investigated how to move tomatoes across a mat without damaging them.

We had a brilliant time!

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