17th October 2019

Orange class: Congratulations Heidi for you marvellous maths! Challenging yourself with the ‘On Fire’ task is amazing…keep it up!

Yellow class: you always make the right choices Annalise and this has been noticed in class and out in the playground where you are a great friend.

Violet class: George you have a super growth mindset which makes you a great role model to others.

Indigo class: A thoughtful identity poem Lewis, which created fantastic imagery as we read it aloud…congratulations.

Blue class: Isabelle, another week of worthy writing that caught Mrs Moran and Mrs Warburton’s eye.

Reddish Villa trophy for Skye – well done and keep up your fantastic playing.

KS1 Brain hero – Noah

KS2 Brain Hero – Charlotte

Green class: Charlotte, you are never afraid to ask a question and always listen to the answer and take on the advice.

Gold Reading Heroes- Olly and Jack from Blue class

Special award given to Jamie as his motivation and hard work have been noticed by the adults in Violet class. Well done Jamie. Keep it up!


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