Celebration assembly 6th March 2020

Blue Brainhero; Well done Megan for your beautiful still life painting of some fresh spring daffodils. You really looked at the flower as you drew to include detail.

Violet Brainhero: Jamie you pushed yourself when editing your creative writing based on your own planet which you created and described.

Indigo Brainhero: Connor the language you used to describe the battle field in our unit on World War 2 was strong and emotive.

Green Brainhero: Charlotte you have persevered with fractions this week and your presentation is an example to others. Well done.

Orange Brainhero: Clara, you have been really focused this week and not only have you tried with your work, you are a kind friend to everyone.

Well done to our winners – who entered the competition to design a new badge for ‘travel tracker.



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