Celebration Assembly 13th March 2020

Well done Elisha for achieving your Silver and Eco Blue Peter badges!

Yellow Brainhero: Ruby you wrote a fantastic piece as ‘The Fox;’ missing his star. Amazing vocabulary.

Green Brainhero: Rowan your passion for Geography was certainly clear this week when you went above and beyond in your research of a map of the local area!

Blue Brainhero: Lana you are showing the skills needed in KS2 to edit your own work and improve on your already super writing,

Violet Brainhero: Well done George for stretching yourself and making sure you challenge yourself with something new.

Red Brainhero: Heidi you have settled right back into the normal Red routine after the flood and back working extra hard on the challenges. Your work at home on your phonics has been noticed.

Orange Brainhero: Peyton, you are working much more independently and your work in Science this week, focusing on reptiles was super!

Yellow reading heroes- Jaden, Ethan and Ethan

Well done Jessica – another out of school sporting achievement- this time ballet.


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