Whitworth Art Gallery

Violet class have had a fantastic day of Art at The Whitworth Art gallery. We were the gallery’s first school workshop after a very long break so there was excitement for us all. We were all taken with beauty of the buildings and the parkland around and enjoyed looking at the sculptures and Artworks inside and out. Jasmine and Steven encouraged us to draw on the Artworks in the gallery as inspiration for our own Art work and this is just what we did. We worked in small groups to create our own sculptures and we are going to further develop these back in school. 

There was time to have a picnic lunch out in the Art garden and time for some fun on the park equipment before we returned to the galleries to explore some more and experiment with Steven’s light camera. It was a day full of inspiration, art and creativity. The gallery is free to all so do go and pay a visit, Violet class would highly recommend it!


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