Anti-Bullying Work in St Mary’s

At St Mary’s C.E. Primary School we believe that:

All bullying is unacceptable irrespective of how it is delivered and what excuses are given to attempt to justify it.

  • No one deserves to be a victim of bullying
  • Everyone has the right to be treated with respect
  • Victims of bullying are likely to have reduced self-worth and are more likely to experience health problems, poor school attendance and under-achievement
  • Children who bully will be held to account for their wrong doing, but will need support to change their attitudes and behaviour; they will be treated in a supportive manner
  • Bullying promotes poor models of behaviour for young people to imitate and thereby reduces the potential for all individuals to contribute positively
  • Organisations that tolerate bullying are likely to be less effective

Therefore we believe that everyone in our community has a responsibility to respond promptly and effectively to all instances of bullying.

Please look here to find our what we have actively been doing to show we are all ‘Friends Against Bullying.’

Friends Against Bullying at St Mary’s

Friends Against Bullying at St Mary’s Coffee Morning

Role Play examples – Exploring Learning and Caring for Each Other – can be found on our VLE.