Arts Mark

The Big Draw 2020

Even though we have been working through difficult circumstances we have still been managing to enjoy drawing. We have all joined in this year’s Big Draw whose theme has been Climate of Change. We have worked in our bubbles to draw the things that are important to us. You can see from the photos that the animals of the land and sea are very special to us. Everyone has been able to look at the amazing display as they go into the hall with their bubble.



The whole school community has enjoyed taking part in The Big Draw festival, Drawn to life. Every class in school took part in drawing activities based around Reddish. The children reported feeling relaxed and fulfilled, calm and tranquil which is great as the theme this year was how creative activities can help with well being. We opened our event out to the wider school community and invited to parents and families to join us at the regular Wednesday cafe at the church hall to join in with drawing a giant map of school. Mrs Redman and Mrs Morrissey have displayed all of the drawings on our very special Big Draw display. Well Done everybody. The Arts council says every school should be an Art school and St Mary’s definitely is!

Andrew Gwynne M.P visits St Mary’s

The School Council welcomed our M.P Andrew Gynne to St Mary’s. He was particularly interested in hearing about our ArtsMark journey. The children were able to tell him all about the Arts workshops they have been involved in, the drama techniques they use in their lessons and future projects such as The Big Draw. He was impressed with the children’s engagement and the way they enthused about their Arts work.

Art Workshops

Blue and Indigo classes have been developing their skills in two Art workshops organised by Z Arts. Blue class designed and created Roman banners using natural dyes. They worked co-operatively in groups and impressed the Artist working with them with their teamwork and creativity.
Indigo class worked with a book making specialist to create some beautiful books linked to their WW2 topic. They created their own artwork to go into the books and have written their own pieces to add.

D.E.A.L [ Drama, Engagement and Active Learning ]
Over the next two years St Mary’s is taking part in a project to bring more Drama into the children’s learning to help engage and excite them and provide good talk for writing experiences. The children have told us ‘ it helps me write’ ‘It gives me ideas’ ‘I like working in groups’ ‘I feel more involved’ Talk to your children and ask them about the Drama techniques they have been using in their lessons and look out for displays around school.

Telling the Grinch why Christmas should be brought back.

What would you say to the Grinch?

Describing the waterfall

Exploring the magic forest

Z Arts Creative Connections.

As part of Arts mark we have made a commitment to work with Z Arts to provide our children with a broader range of Arts education. This will involve the children working with Arts educators from Z Arts both at school and at Z arts centre in Manchester. So far Y6 have been involved in a jazz workshop which linked to their music this half term and Blue and Green classes went out to see some live theatre to link to their English work. We are looking forward to more visits and workshops next year.

Andy and Andy telling the story of Black Beauty.

We loved being close to the action!

Listening to some jazz.

Improvising with our instruments.

Working together to create a piece.


In September 2018 St Mary’s C.E Primary made a statement of commitment to try to achieve Gold level in the Arts council’s Arts mark. Our aim is to broaden and enrich the children’s learning in Art, Music and Drama and we are going to make a partnership with z arts to help us achieve this. You will be able to follow our journey here.

Artsmark Statement of Commitment St Marys C.E Oct 2018.