The people who care: The School Staff

 Headteacher: Mrs E. Irvin

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs R. Grant

SENDCo: Mrs H. Anstey


Early Years and Key Stage 1 Teachers

Early Years Foundation Stage: Miss K. Hays

Year 1: Mrs R. Eeckelaers

Year 2: Mrs S. O’Mahony-Leach


Key Stage 2 Teachers

Year 3: Mr W. Plewes

Year 4: Mrs D. Burns and Mr R. Oldham

Year 5: Mrs H. Anstey

Year 6: Mrs R. Grant & Mrs G.Moran

PPA: Mr R.Oldham and Mrs G. Moran


Support Staff

Learning Mentors: Miss S. Hadfield & Mrs K.Morrissey

Learning Intervention: Mrs S. Welsh


Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs A. Redman

Mrs K. Johnson

Mrs K. Bradley

Mrs D Birks

Mr E. Kelly

Mr R. Oldham


Bursar & Administration Manager: Ms J. Evans

Office Administrator: Mrs S. Edwards

Site Supervisor: Mr A. Moore

Kitchen Staff: Mrs J. Grice and Mrs A. Davies


Midday Staff:

Mrs C. France (Supervisor)

Miss S. Hadfield

Miss K. Liddell

Mrs K. Bradley

Mr E. Kelly

Miss J. Worthington

Mrs D Birks


Breakfast Club

Miss S. Hadfield

Mrs S. Welsh

Mr R. Oldham