Computing Club

In ICT club , children have the opportunity to develop new skills in our new ICT suite. We have a wide range of software and hardware at St. Mary’s and ICT club allows children the chance to explore new technology including using our cameras and flip cameras, animation, making movies and lots more!



Recently we have been using Microsoft photostory to create short presentations about our school. We edited and ordered images, added text, sound and narration before creating a background soundtrack.



We had a competition during our last ICT club. We were introduced to the programme 2animate and had 2 weeks to produce an animation about what ever we wanted – the best animation would win a prize!

We thought carefully about what makes a good animation including slow movements between each frame to stop it being jerky and a good storyline. Mrs Irvin judged our finished work. She was very impressed by them all!


 Using Windows Movie Maker

 The past 3 weeks in ICT club we have been using the Flip cameras.  We planned out an interview with one of the adults around school, practised it and carried out our interview.  We have then tried editing out videos to cut out parts we don’t need and put all parts of the interview together. 


 Stop frame animation

 Today at ICT club we tried out an app on our new iPads.  At St. Mary’s, we worry when people park on our narrow road when the children are coming out of school, We have used the app ‘Stop Motion’ to create short stop frame animations about the dangers of parking so close to our school.