Eco School

Eco School 2020-2021

Congratulations to the successful candidates in our school council elections and here are our new council members. We have held our first meeting together and talked about our ideas and plans for the coming year. The council are being very ambitious and will need the help of the whole school community; children and their families. These are our initial ideas.

  • create a new bee friendly garden at the front of school.
  • Save energy in school by cutting our electricity usage
  • Improve the numbers of children who walk, cycle or scoot to school and find ways to stop traffic coming onto Broomfield Drive at the beginning and end of the school day.
  • Litter pick in the school grounds and in the wider community.

Look out here for the completion of our environmental review and our new action plan


Blue Peter Green Badge

Some of our classes have been working towards their ‘Green’ Blue Peter badge by making both a personal pledge and a class pledge. Pledges include switching off your digital equipment at home and playing outside instead, packing a plastic free lunchbox and switching off the tap when brushing your teeth. In school classes have been making sure that they switch off their lights and projectors in breaks and at lunchtimes. Violet class created a piece of Artwork to send to Blue Peter which highlights their commitment to our planet. 

Walk to school and The Big Pedal

The whole school have been involved in walking, scooting and cycling as much as they can. We continue to reward the class with the most active trips with their walk to school badges and with Parker Bear. Parker has been spending a lot of time in Violet class this year but we hope other classes might challenge to top the ‘walk to school’ leaderboard.


Autumn 2020


With the help of Eco schools we have been working out a way to still keep our activities and programme of events for the whole school. This year the Y6 councillors Eilidh and Lukas will be completing an environmental review and writing a new action plan which will include challenges for each class to complete whilst in their own bubbles. There will be walk to school challenges, switch it off challenges, meat free meals challenges as well as litter pick challenges. 

Read more here



We are very lucky to have been awarded another grant from Stockport Hydro. Stockport Hydro is a renewable energy scheme at Otterspool weir in Marple. It is a community owned hydro electric project. From the sale of electricity the members are able to give back to the community in the form of their Environmental Challenge fund We have been awarded £300 to purchase new vegetable beds which we will site just outside the classrooms giving easier access for the children. We are very grateful to Stockport Hydro members for their generosity.

WOW Competition winners
We are still working hard to make Broomfield Drive a safe place for all and are continuing to ask parents to park away using park and stride locations instead. Three lucky winners have had their badge designs sent to Living Streets. Fingers crossed we may see one of their designs on next years walk to school badges.
Thank you to all parents who signed up to the St Mary’s parking promise. we value your support as the children tell us they don’t feel safe when cars are turning outside school.

Since November we have been taking part in a clean air project in conjunction with Global Action, Manchester University and Phillips trust. Air purifiers have been installed around school in classrooms and shared areas such as the library and entrance hall. The air is being monitored as well as purified. This will help us understand how to make school air cleaner and safer for everyone here. We are putting together a clean air action plan to run alongside our Eco action plan. We will have some new actions and will be developing some existing actions in the run up to clean air day in June.

Youth Climate Summit at Manchester University

A group of our eldest Eco councillors attended a Youth Climate Summit at Manchester University in November. They joined with other schools to present on topics that mean something to them. Our councillors talked about how we can all make ‘simple swaps’ in our life to make a difference to our planet. It was a very inspiring event and it gave us new ideas that we could bring back to our school. Well done to Leia, Beau, Amelia, Lukas and Eilidh who represented us.

Congratulations to the Eco council who have led the school in retaining our Green Flag award. The assessor who visited was very impressed with the childrens’ knowledge of green issues and their enthusiasm to make a difference. Well Done St Mary’s!

Meet at our park and stride location- The Carousel at 8.30am

SWITCH IT OFF FORTNIGHT- 4th-15th November
Look out for lots of activities in school and in classrooms.

September 2019
Welcome to the new school year!

We have started the new school year with a new Eco council voted in by the rest of the school.

Read our new Action Plan here
Action Plan 2019 2020

They have to get busy straight away as our Green Flag Award is due for renewal. The council are working in teams to complete an environmental review and a new action plan. They will be letting the whole school community know about their plans very soon and will keep everyone informed of the progress of our Green flag assessment.

Andrew Gwynne M.P visits St Mary’s

The Eco Council were very honoured to give our M.P Andrew Gwynne a tour of our outdoor area when he came to visit in May. He was very impressed with the enthusiastic way the children articulated the benefits of St Mary’s being an Eco school, the projects we have worked on and the learning which goes on in our woodland area. He was able to tell the children about the work that happens in Parliament to tackle Eco issues.

Premier League Reading Stars
As part of waste week Year Four entered a competition which the Premier League were running in association with Sky Ocean Rescue. They made a pledge to make simple swaps in lunchboxes that would reduce single use plastic. We were very happy to hear that they liked our entry and sent us a class set of reusable water bottles. Well Done Blue Class

1st-5th April
The Eco council were very pleased with the outcomes and impact of Waste Week. Across the school we focused on raising awareness of the problems of single use plastics and the whole school looked at ways in which we could all help by making simple swaps. The Eco Council ran a competition to design a poster aimed at raising awareness about plastic use and each class worked with their teachers to find out about the issues involved. We finished the week with a ‘Big Spring Clean,’ clearing up some of the rubbish and plastic waste which blows down onto our school field. The Eco council has some further issues to discuss as a result of waste week including how plastic is used in the school kitchen and in lunchboxes and how the teachers use the laminator. It’s been a very thought provoking week for the whole school community!

Walk to school
Thank you to everybody who supported our latest walk to school morning. The Eco council are committed to making the area around school safer and healthier for everybody. Please help by supporting our Parking Promise:
Our family promises to walk, scoot or bike to school as much as we can to build exercise into our daily routine.
Our family promise to park and stride if we need to use our car to make the entrance to school safer and healthier.
Our family promise to NOT bring our car up Broomfield Drive to make the area around school safer, healthier and happier for everyone.

Switch it off Fortnight
The Eco council have been meeting to look at the use of energy across the school. They have been making signs and labels to remind us all to switch off electrical devices and keep doors shut to save heat. They led an assembly during the fortnight and told the school all about NO ELECTRICITY DAY. We used as little as possible on this day and everybody joined in from the cook to the office to the children and teachers. The council worked with Mr Massey to read the meter and see how much we had saved. We were amazed at the difference and plan to have more No electricity days during the year.

November 2018

Today we worked with Beth and Trianna from City of Trees. Their aim is to plant three million trees across Greater Manchester in the next few years. We have planted three he saplings which will improve our forest school area and provide hedging along some of the hard fencing. Indigo and Violet class helped as well as Green and Yellow classes helping during their Forest school sessions. Well done everybody. At St Mary’s WE LOVE TREES!

Woodland Clearance October 2018

Today a group of volunteer parents and Y6 worked with Phil Harris to clear an area of woodland which the children wanted to make into a new ‘den’ area. The section was overgrown with brambles, full of old logs and fence posts and altogether a bit neglected. In just a few hours of hard work we managed to cut back the brambles,move the logs and fence posts and cut down some saplings to make room for a new log circle. We are very grateful to the mums and dads who came to help, to the Y6 children and to Phil for helping bring our vision for the area to fruition.

September 2018

Welcome back to WOW. We have started off the new school year as we ended the last, committed to encouraging as many children as possible to walk to school. Our aim is to keep all cars off Broomfield Drive to make the area around school safer and more healthy for all children. The Eco council have also been meeting to discuss their Environmental review and are busy deciding what will go into their new action plan.

July 2018
This week we held our Eco Council elections. There has been very strong interest from the children and some excellent manifestos written. The children all listened to each other’s ideas and then went to the hall to cast their vote. We would like to congratulate the new members of the Eco council as well as thanking the outgoing council for all their ideas and hard work. Next year the whole school will be able to work together on our new projects with the Eco council leading the way.

JUNE 2018
Members of the Eco council became concerned about children taking their packed lunches on trips in a plastic carrier bag. We feel very strongly about the dangers of plastic and the pollution it is causing so we have investigated other options. The friends of St Mary’s have kindly purchased a set of cloth bags for us to use on trips now so we don’t need to rely on plastic bags.

May 2018
Councillor Ganotis visits St Mary’s

After seeing the film that the school council made for the Mayor’s Green Summit, Councillor Ganotis came to visit so that the Eco council could show him all the work that they do to tackle the Green issues that matter to them. He was very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm and the way they articulated the issues that matter to them.

We gave out car stickers today to all families who have signed our parking promise. To help us launch our badge we invited ‘Strider’ the mascot of living streets to school. We met Strider at our park and stride location, the Carousel, and made the short walk to school together. There was a lovely atmosphere. Thank you to all the families who are supporting this project. It is such a positive step forward for our school, our health and the environment.


Andy Burnham is holding a green summit in March. St Mary’s C.E Eco council have been asked to host a ‘listening event’ which will feed into the Mayor’s summit. His aim is to make Greater Manchester one of the greenest cities in Europe and we will be telling him all about the projects we are working on at school and our hopes for the future. Please come and join us on Monday 12th February at 2pm in the school hall.
you can watch the film we made about the Green Summit here.

Green Summit film March
green summit poster

Well done to Isabel Doherty from Blue class whose badge design won the Eco council’s competition. Her badge will now be made into a car sticker and given to all families who have signed the St Mary’s parking promise. Strider, the mascot from Living streets, will be helping us launch our parking badge and will be meeting children at our park and stride location; The Carousel and walking to school. Look out for the date next month.

Well done to all the children who have earnt their December ‘walk to school’ badge. The children are still telling us they feel unsafe when cars come up Broomfield Drive and try to turn on the zig zag lines in front of the entrance. We are introducing our ‘Parking Promise’
– Our family promise to walk, scoot or cycle to school whenever we can…to build exercise into our daily routines.
– Our family promise to ‘park and stride’ if we need to use our car…to keep the entrance to school safer.
– Our family promise not to come up Broomfield Drive in our car…to help keep our children and neighbours safer, happier and healthier.

All families that sign and return our parking promise will receive a parking sticker for their car as a thank you for showing their support for the improvements we are trying to make to everyone’s safety and health.

Parking Promise

WOW- The walk to school challenge

The whole school is taking the ‘walk to school’ challenge recording their journey to school and earning their monthly badges. We are working with Charlotte McHugh from Travel for Greater Manchester and Living Streets. Charlotte is working with the Eco council to try to make our school a safer, healthier place by encouraging more walking to school. We have walked the area to do an audit. We walked to the Carousel and timed the journey back to school. It take just 8 minutes to park and stride so we would encourage parents who are still driving onto Broomfield drive to use this park and stride location. Thank you to the Carousel for supporting us in this. We will continue to work with Charlotte in the New year as the Eco council in conjunction with the rest of the school are committed to making improvements for the whole school community.

St Mary’s celebrates!

The Eco council are proud to announce that St Mary’s C.E Primary school has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag for all our Eco work. Well done to everyone!

On Monday 25th September we welcomed Mr David Burgess to St Mary’s. Mr Burgess is a volunteer assessor for Eco Schools. The Eco council gave Mr Burgess a tour and spoke to him about the many projects we have been working on. He was very impressed with the information the children gave and their great speaking skills. We will be hearing from Eco schools soon about our Green flag.

You can look at our new action plan here.

Action Plan 2017 2018



September 2017

Welcome back. The Eco council are waiting to hear from the Eco School’s England about our Green flag assessment. We have completed all the necessary parts of the award and have submitted our application. In the meantime we are busy doing an environmental review and thinking about what will go in our next action plan.

July 2017 – Oxfam’s Water Week 3rd-7th July

The whole school joined in Water week which was organised by the Eco council. The council explained in a special assembly all about water vulnerability and how it affects people’s lives. All classes across the school then participated in further activities organised by their teachers. children made posters reminding us how we can save water, they imagined they lived in a part of the world where water can be scarce and wrote diaries and wrote letters to Mrs May in Downing street to explain how water vulnerability affects children like them in other countries. We wore blue on Friday and collected change in empty water bottles. We raised a magnificent £208.66 in support of Oxfam’s work. Well done to the whole school.


June 2017 – St Mary’s welcomes M.E.E.N Green Teach Meet

The Eco council were thrilled to welcome teachers from all over Greater Manchester to a ‘Big Green Teach Meet’ The council gave the visitors a tour of our school showing them all the great Eco work we do including looking at the Eco board, walking around the growing areas, looking at how we recycle and compost and at out orchard and forest school area. The Eco council then took part in workshops on composting and outdoor education. They were a credit to our school and the visitors made some lovely comments about our school.

‘I love your Eco board’

‘Thank you for such an informative tour of your school’

‘You explained the work you do so well’

‘Thank you for the tour, we would love to link up with you’

‘What an amazing job you are doing, I loved seeing all the plants and food you are growing’

‘What a LOVELY school, lovely children, lovely staff, lovely grounds, what a privilege to be here!’


Gardening Day March 2017

Year 5 had a lovely spring day for their gardening day. They were very productive digging out the weeds from the vegetable garden and digging in the manure. We have planted out a variety of veg including broad beans, beetroot, lettuce, parsnips and radish. We have some small seedlings being cared for indoors ready for planting outside after Easter.

Clearing weeds.

Pruning raspberry bushes.

Planting vegetable seeds.

Clearing out last year’s old growth.

More weeding!

Starting off some sunflowers.


Woodland Management Day 2017

Violet class worked really hard this week alongside some parent volunteers improving and developing the Forest school area. We had perfect weather for working outdoors and everybody had a productive day. We managed to cut back the brambles, establish better paths, take out some saplings to allow better growth, put in posts to make a cover for our fire circle and plant a small orchard. What an achievement. Thank you to Mark and Phil from Forest schools Stockport for their support with our project.


Switch it Off Fortnight November 2016

Each class in school has been learning about energy across a range of curriculum areas. Some classes used their Maths skills to compare energy use across the year, some  used their computing skills to make powerpoints and some created their own videos. We all found ways to save energy and even took home some tips to share with parents so we could work on saving energy at home too.

Switching off projectors at lunchtime

Switching off projectors at lunchtime

Keeping the doors closed

Keeping the doors closed

November 2016 –    Eco Councillors meet the Governors.

Some of the Eco council came to meet with the Governing body. They put together a report outlining our new action plan, the targets we have for achieving Green flag status and the projects we are currently working on. The Governors were very impressed and proud of the children and their commitment to sustainable living. Well done councillors, you are taking your responsibilities very seriously and showing tremendous enthusiasm for your role




Autumn 2016 –  Walk to School Fortnight


One of the Eco council’s first projects has been to explain, in a special assembly, the benefits of walking to school. Each councillor outlined a reason why we should all try to walk more which included being better for the environment, keeping healthy and making our school area a safer place for us all. They then gave out ‘walk to school’ cards for each child and they will be stamping cards every morning for those children who walk or park and stride. How many times will you walk?

New Eco Council for 2016/2017


Welcome back and congratulations to the new Eco councillors voted for by their peers. They have already met several times to discuss the school audit and action plan. Welcome too to Mrs Massey who has joined the council as a parent representative. We have a busy year planned as we work towards the Green Flag award.


Summer Term 2016 – Silver Award

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded our Silver award. Well done to the Eco council for leading the whole school in clean for the Queen, using the new recycle bins and caring for our planting areas. Thank you to Yellow class for sharing their Christian aid project and for raising awareness across the school about climate change in their informative assembly.

Elections have been taking place this week for the new Eco council who will be leading the whole school towards the prestigious Green Flag award. See you in September!


Spring Term 2016

We have been very busy during the first part of the Spring term with Eco work. We started off the new year by creating our own Eco Code. The Eco councillors from each class chose a statement that they thought was important to our Eco work. We then had to decide on the way we wanted to present our code. We hope you like it and the way we chose a rainbow to match our school classes. You will find the Eco code up all around school alongside the school mission statement.

We joined in  the Keep Britain Tidy campaign to ‘Clean for the Queen’ which is a nationwide project aiming to get Britain tidy for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations. We did have to postpone by a week because on the 4th March when we should have been doing our big litter pick we woke up to snow!

We have been very lucky to have been awarded a grant of £175 from Stockport Hydro who are a community owned hydro electric project. Some of the profit from the sale of the electricity is used to fund community projects and we were proud to have been chosen for our gardening project. Indigo class have taken on the important responsibility for our growing areas and are busy at the moment preparing the ground for vegetable growing as well as creating new growing areas in old tyres.


Presentation of the cheque


November is energy month. We are joining in the ‘switch it off fortnight’ campaign and are going to try to save money and energy in our school.
The Eco council will be sharing how we can all help in a whole school assembly and each class will be taking part in activities to raise awareness and learn more about energy consumption.

October 2015
Welcome to the new Eco council. We have had our first meeting and reviewed the action plan from last year. Our new action plan includes taking part in Energy month, writing a school Eco code and looking at the bins we use for recycling rubbish. We are now working towards our Silver award.

Have a look on the new Eco board for more information and our Action Plan

Eco Week 29th June

Well done to the whole school for joining in Eco week in their classrooms. We had such a wide variety of work going on from making houses for mini beasts and hedgehogs to thinking of ways to recycle more and designing electric cars. We have been able to show that the whole school is involved in our Eco work and have gained our Bronze award. Well Done to everyone. Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who volunteered during Eco week and helped us re establish the vegetable garden and dig out and plant the wildflower meadow.

June 2015 –  We are all looking forward to Eco week next week when the whole school will be joining in with Eco work. We have some parents coming in too to help us with the vegetable garden and to create a wildflower meadow down on the field.

February 2015 – The Eco Council have been busy completing their environmental review. We had to look at the nine areas of Litter/Rubbish, Waste, Transport, Healthy Living, Energy, Water, School grounds and Biodiversity.

January 2015 – At St Mary’s we have joined with lots of other primary schools to become an Eco School. We started by forming our Eco Council and meeting to complete an environmental review. We have to answer questions about litter, waste, energy and water use, transport, healthy living, the school grounds, biodiversity and our school’s global perspective. Now we are ready to write our action plan.

Action Plan Spring 2015