Governing Board

The People Who Care: The Governing Board

The Governing Board is a group of volunteers drawn from all areas of the local community. It is a key part of the decision-making process of the school and is accountable for financial decisions and sustaining school improvement. The Governing Body and sub-committees meet once a term to discuss and decide on important aspects of school management. The key strategic functions of the Governing Body are to:

Ensure clarity of vision, values, ethos and strategic direction;
Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.
(Governors’ Handbook Department of Education 2013)

The Governing Board members visit the school during its workings day to understand how the school operates as well and meeting on a regular basis. This helps to identify what St Mary’s does well and any areas for improvement. It also gives an opportunity to assess the impact of the decisions taken and agreed by the Governing Board.

Instrument of Government

Teaching & Learning Committee Remit

Resources Committee Remit

Committee Membership 2021-2022

Committee Membership 2020-2021

Foundation Governors
– are appointed by the Church and are key to preserving and developing the religious character of the school

Ms J Fleming



Parent Governors
– are parents and carers of pupils who have been elected by other parents to become Governors

Mrs A Murphy

Mrs C Hallworth

Co-opted Governors
– are appointed by the Governing Body to represent community interests. These people can live or work either within or outside the community served by the school but are committed to the success and good governance of St Mary’s.

Mrs J Grundy

Mrs S Brooks

Dr M Sackville-Ford

Miss H Tebbutt

Miss H Mccormack

Authority Governors – are appointed by the local council and can give an insight into current Local Authority priorities in terms of education.

Mrs Y Guariento (Chair of Governors)

Staff Governors
– The Headteacher is a Governor by virtue of their office. Other staff Governors are elected by staff members.

Mrs D Faryniarz

Mrs K Probert

Associate Governors

Mrs R Grant

Miss S Hadfield

Mr C Larsen

Governor Support/Clerk

Ms Danielle Wood

Governor Attendance 2020-2021

Governor Attendance 2019-2020

Governor Attendance 2018- 2019