Our priority is your child’s safety and we are fully committed to child protection and safe guarding. We have detailed policies available in the school office and in the policies area on our website.

Operation Encompass – Letter to Parents


Statement on Child Protection and Team Around the Family Procedures – Current legislation gives the local authority a duty to investigate when it is suspected or found that a child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.

As a school we have a statutory duty to assist social care departments acting on behalf of children in need or enquiring into allegations of child abuse. As well as this statutory duty we have a pastoral responsibility towards our pupils and we recognise that pupils have a fundamental right to be protected from harm. Children cannot learn effectively unless they feel safe and secure. We therefore have a Safeguarding Policy, which reflects both our statutory duty and our pastoral responsibilities.

If we have a concern that a child has been abused or is at risk of being abused, we have a duty to refer this to social care. In making any referral, the school is not making any judgement for example about individual parents or carers. It is for social care to decide whether there should be an investigation.

There may be other circumstances (which are not to do with child protection, but more related to meeting the needs of your child) when we feel that you and your family may benefit from some support from other agencies. This may involve the process known as ‘Team Around the Family.’ We would always seek your permission before completing and sending the relevant documentation – in most cases this will be done with you.

Filming and photography in school – Please note that the general use of any film or recording equipment (for example, cameras, mobile phones, video cameras, etc) is not allowed in school without permission. School events and activities may be recorded by us and uploaded onto the school website or Twitter feed for public viewing but will only be done so with parental permission. Such images or video will not be shared further or uploaded to any social networking site.

Safety during the school day – In order to maintain security, we expect and ask all visitors to our school, including parents, to report first to the office before proceeding elsewhere in the building. Badges are provided for all members of staff and for those who have signed in and are visiting school during the day.

At St. Mary’s we take safe guarding very seriously. We care and provide a safe environment for your children where they can be protected from harm. We do this by…

  • Prioritising pastoral care
  • Supporting children, listening to their needs and making them feel safe
  • Providing a safe environment for children to learn and play in
  • Ensuring secure entry into the school building during the school day
  • Teaching a carefully designed curriculum and programme of social and emotional aspects of learning.
  • Providing counselling and care for children’s individual emotional needs

We also teach the children how to keep themselves safe as well as being responsible and thoughtful citizens. Here are just a few of the ways we do this…

  • Providing learning through a broad and balanced curriculum which is firmly underpinned by Christian values for life
  • Being proud to be part of our school, the local and wider community which enhances learning opportunities
  • Providing road safety learning
  • Offering residential and a range of ‘off site’ educational learning opportunities

We take the health and safety of all our school community very seriously. Our Health & Safety Policy can be found in the policy area on this website or by clicking on the link.