At St Mary’s, we strive for all children to be active, confident, and above all else, happy. We are passionate about Physical Education, and through the delivery of an active curriculum, alongside our exciting and varied extra-curricular provision, we encourage children to obtain new skills, improve their fitness and enjoy learning – with physical activity at the forefront. We believe that Physical Education is vital to pupils’ development: it allows children to maintain a healthy weight, to develop strength and agility, to develop social and emotional skills and to have a positive, “can do” attitude.

The Physical Education Curriculum

Our Physical Education curriculum is broad and balanced and is delivered in a safe and supportive environment, allowing children to challenge themselves and build on their confidence. We provide opportunities for all children to reach their potential – our lessons are well designed, engaging and always inclusive to ensure that all needs are catered for. The Physical Education curriculum at Key Stage One and Key Stage Two follows the National Curriculum, and includes gymnastics, dance, games, swimming, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities. Throughout all units of work, our sports coach and teachers are committed to helping children learn, and understand, just how important it is to be part of a healthy school – children are clear about what they are trying to achieve in each lesson and know that, ultimately, there are significant benefits of Physical Education to their health and well-being.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

We believe that the opportunities provided to pupils at St Mary’s are excellent. Competitively, children have the chance to compete in many different sports across the year. We work closely with the SHAPES alliance in Stockport in order to expose children to a range of different sports that they may not have experienced before. In order to give more children, the opportunity to compete, Mrs Probert ensures she chooses children who show a keen interest and/or wish to challenge themselves within a particular sport and vary the children throughout the year. We use this particular selection process in order to make sure our procedures are in line with the schools’ inclusive ethos, and we are proud that our children represent the school at
all levels. At St Mary’s, we offer a range of clubs before and after school including dance, dodgeball, drama, multi sports and football to name a few. These clubs run throughout the week for all of our boys and girls at St Mary’s. Please see our Extended Curriculum Overview page for more information.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

It is important that children have opportunities to be active throughout the whole school day. All year groups have recently introduced ‘DEAL’ sessions into their timetables, whereby teachers plan lessons to consolidate and build on learning in different subjects through drama, in an active and fun environment. We believe that learning in this way helps to engage and excite children, and will inevitably enhance their learning potential. Our playground is also set up to provide safe, structured activities, led by children and staff, in order to encourage physical activity throughout the whole school day. All staff are passionate about helping children to be physically active. They are keen to drive change and empower children to be confident learners who can evaluate and improve their performance; be creative and imaginative; be assertive; be performers and to understand how important it is to be a team player.
All children can be physically fit. At St Mary’s, we believe that with the right opportunities, the right activities and the right level of challenge and excitement – we will show children the value of being physically active and provide them with the foundations for a healthy lifestyle that they can take through with them into their future.

Sports at St Mary’s

A team of our Year 4 children were invited to take part in a ‘Power Play Tournament’ at Manchester United Academy. The children were entered into the tournament and played against several other schools from around Manchester and Stockport. As it was a ‘Power Play’ tournament whenever music was played during the matches any goals that were scored counted as double! The children learnt about the Manchester United Code of Conduct and the FA respect rules for young players before attending the event. We were so proud of our children’s behaviour during every match as all of our players made sure they shook hands with the opposite teams, did not react to any tackle or challenge and did not challenge any of the referee’s decisions. At the end of the tournament St Mary’s was given a special mention for our behaviour and attitude towards others and all coaches commented on our children’s good manners, positive attitude and wonderful teamwork.

The children took part in a ‘Winter Olympics’ event at the Chill Factore in Manchester. Lots of schools around Stockport took part in this event and all schools were given a country to represent. We were given Germany and the children had to research the country before taking part in the events. The children then took part in several activities such as skiing, snowboarding, luge and bobsleighing. The children had to work together as a team and we were so impressed with the children’s courage and perseverance as for most children it was their first time trying these new sports. The children worked so hard together as a team that we ended up winning the most gold medals at the end of the day!

The children were invited to take part in rock climbing experience day. For the majority of the children they had never been rock climbing before and most were initially worried about the height of the wall. When we arrived we learnt how to correctly put on our harnesses and how to tie a secure knot in order for the instructors to belay us on the wall. The children ‘rainbow climbed’ the wall initially to get used to the grips and the height but then when they felt more confident were then able to chose a 5a, 5b or 5c route to climb. We were so impressed with the children’s perseverance and bravery during this activity and all of the children said they would love to go rock climbing again!

The children had a fantastic time at our Sports Day this year. They had six different challenges and activities to complete throughout the morning and worked well in their teams to take part in all of the races.

Our Netball team entered the Reddish Vale tournament where they competed against nine other teams. Our St Mary’s team played amazingly as a team and we ended up coming 3rd in the tournament! We are now waiting to see if we qualify for the final Stockport tournament in June.

Our children were invited to take part in a Stockport tennis tournament this week. The children worked very hard to work as a team and played in several matches. The children came second out of their group.