Red EYFS – 2020-2021

Spiders and Toads

Today in Forest School we were continuing our work with Qian Shi’s book The Weaver by creating our own spiders from pine cones and natural materials we found in Forest School. We looked through a non-fiction book about spiders and talked about how many legs they should have so we could collect the right amount of sticks.

Whilst we were creating our spiders we heard a very excited shout as one of the children had found a toad! We were so excited and all rushed to see him. We talked about how well camouflaged he was hiding under the rock and the children were concerned that he was so well camouflaged that someone might stand on him. We talked about a safe place to put him and the children decided that he needed a little bog to live in. Together we dug out a small area in Forest School and filled it with rocks, mud and water for our new friend Toby the Toad. Once we had finished we carefully moved Toby into his new bog and he really enjoyed exploring what the children had made for him.

Forest School Webs

This week in Forest School we have continued our work with the Qian Shi book The Weaver. Today the children weaved their own webs from wool and then explored the Forest School area to find beautiful natural objects to decorate their webs. They were very proud of the webs they had made.


Today we enjoyed explore the apparatus in our gymnastics lesson. The children listened carefully when Miss Hays explained how to climb up the equipment and on how to stay safe on the apparatus. The children were so brave climbing up the big apparatus with only a little bit of help from their teachers and loved finding different ways to move across the equipment.

Forest School. The Weaver

This week we read the story The Weaver by Qian Shi which is all about Stanley the spider who would create wonderful webs made of different objects. We decided to make our own Forest School webs during our Forest School day. We split into three groups and found different objects that we liked in our Forest School area and weaved and stuck these onto our webs. We asked our Forest School leader Mrs Moran to come and look at the webs we had made and she loved our webs and teamwork so much that she gave us a prize!

Easter Egg Hunt

This week we enjoyed learning all about Easter. We pretended we were working in Cadbury’s chocolate factory and we had to design a brand new chocolate Easter egg. The children let their imaginations run wild and had candyfloss, jigsaw, ice cream eggs to name a few. They they hid their egg outside for the other children to find.

Exploring the snow

We came into school one day to find it had snowed! We had so much fun playing in the snow and building our own snowman. We also looked at how snow was made and explored how to try and keep the snow frozen and how to melt it too.

Christmas tree pine cones

This week in Forest School we decided to make more Christmas decorations. We went on a hunt for pine cones in our Forest School area and then painted the ones that we found green. When they had dried in the afternoon we enjoyed decorating our pine cones to turn them into mini Christmas trees.

Christmas celebrations in Red Class

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed getting ready for Christmas. We have enjoyed making Christmas decorations for our classroom, making Christmas party hats and Christmas pictures for our placemats when we had our Christmas dinner together in the hall. We are very excited to perform our Nativity next week too!

Helping our animal friends

This week we talked about how the seasons are changing again but this time from Autumn to Winter. We read lots of books about how some animals hibernate over winter and discovered that hedgehogs often hibernate too. The children know that we often have hedgehogs down on our school field at night and were concerned that the hedgehogs would become cold in winter and wanted to help them. The children worked with Miss Hays to make 3 hedgehog houses in Forest School so that they can hibernate safely. We collected lots of sticks and leaves to cover the hedgehog houses so that they would stay safe and camouflaged from any predators. The children also enjoyed working with Mrs Park to make birds nests for birds who decided to stay over winter keep warm too.

Autumn crowns

This week in Forest School we talked about how the seasons have started to change from Summer to Autumn. We talked about how the leaves change colour and start to fall off the trees. We went for an Autumn walk in our Forest School area to find autumnal leaves and then collected these to make our own Autumn crowns to take home.

Diwali Fireworks

This week we were learning all about the celebration of Diwali and discovered that in Diwali lots of fireworks are set off to celebrate. We talked about fireworks that we have seen and what our favourite fireworks look like. The children worked with Mrs Park to use natural objects to create their own large scale fireworks in Forest School.

Diwali in Red Class

This week we enjoyed learning all about the celebration of Diwali. We talked about the different faiths that celebrate the festival of light and also read the story behind it. We watched a video of a little girl who celebrates this festival and decided that we wanted to make our own diva lamps just like she did. The children worked hard to mould their clay ball into the correct shape and when they were dry we painted them with beautiful bright colours.

Bonfire Night in Forest School

This week we talked all about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and the traditions around it. In Forest School we decided to make our own Guy and also worked together to build a big bonfire to put him on.

Our first visit to Forest School

This week we talked all about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and the traditions around it. In Forest School we decided to make our own Guy and also worked together to build a big bonfire to put him on.


We have enjoyed preparing our outdoor area for Spring this week by planting lots of spring bulbs. We talked all about the different parts of the bulbs and what the flowers need to help them grow.

First week in school

The children have enjoyed settling in to their new classroom and outdoor area this week. They have enjoyed meeting each other and making new friends.