Red EYFS – 2021-2022

Infant Nativity 2021

Well done to our FABULOUS Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes for a brilliant Nativity. It was a huge success, the children worked so hard and the staff and their parents are so proud of them all!

Check out the cast photos below:

Forest School 11/11/21

This week in Red Class we have been learning all about Bonfire Night. We discussed the story of the gunpowder plot and why people in England still celebrate the 5th of November every year. In forest school the children decided to make their own bonfire. They worked together to search for a variety of sticks and branches and collected these to make a big bonfire. The children then found lots of leaves which they stuffed into trousers and a jumper to create their own guy. When they had finished the children were very proud of what they had made but decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to light it as it might hurt the trees and animals which live in Forest School.

Forest School 4/11/21

This week we have been learning all about magic and how this is celebrated around the world. The children have had lots of fun creating their own potions and reading lots of magic books in the classroom. The children enjoyed taking this into our Forest activities by creating their own magic wands and broomsticks!

Harvest party 2021

To finish our Harvest celebrations and story of The Little Red Hen. The children in Red Class had a Harvest party on their last day of half term. The children were asked to bake something at home that was made from flour so they could understand how important it is that wheat is grown in our country every year. The children brought in lots of cakes, biscuits, brownies, breads etc and explained to their class mates how they had made them at home. The children then enjoyed tasting each other’s creations and trying new flavours.

Red Class Funky Fingers afternoon 2021

The children enjoyed having parents come into school to join them in Red Class for our funky fingers afternoon. We talked about the importance of fine motor skills and how these skills help us to hold a pencil and to write our letters in Reception. The children had lots of fine motor activities to complete in the afternoon and we hope that it gave our lovely Mummies and Daddies ideas for fine motor activities that can be done at home too.

Making Soup

This week we have been learning about Harvest and how we celebrate and are thankful for the food that grows every year. The children worked with Mrs Probert and Mrs Bradley to harvest the vegetables that were in our vegetable patch and then to clean and chop these to make our own vegetable soup. We talked about the importance of trying new foods and why vegetables are good for us. The children loved dipping their bread rolls that they had made into the soup too!

Making Bread

This week we were learning about the story of The Little Red Hen. We looked at how The Little Red Hen looked after the wheat and then turned this into flour to make her own delicious loaf of bread. The children worked with Mrs Bradley to make their own bread roll. They listened carefully on how to mix, knead and shape the dough to make their own bread roll.

Harvest Festival 2021

KS1 enjoyed showing our rainbow harvest festival to all our visitors on Monday. The children sang songs about Harvest and wrote their own prayers to say thank you for the food that had been grown this year.

Forest Schools Initials

This week in Forest School the children had a wonderful time learning the basics of weaving. The children were asked to find a variety of sticks which their teachers then tied together to make the initial of their name. The children then chose different coloured wool to carefully thread through and wrap around their initial. The children worked really hard on these and were very proud of their initials at the end of the Forest School session.

Our visit from the dentist

This week we had a very special visit from Anne who came to talk to all the children in Reception and Key Stage One about how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. Anne told us all about the foods that are good for our teeth and the foods we shouldn’t each too much of. Anne also showed us her friend Harold the horse and the right way in which he brushed his teeth. By the end of the visit the children were able to remember how many times a day we should brush our teeth, how long for and how much toothpaste we need. The children were very excited to go home and put into practise all the things that they had learnt from Anne.

Faces in Forest School

This week we have been learning all about the different features on our face. We have looked carefully in mirrors this week and talked about our different coloured hair and eyes and whether some of us had freckles or dimples. We continued this in our Forest School activities as the children were given clay to mold onto a tree and then to use natural materials from our Forest School to make their features. The children had a wonderful time searching for objects they could use for their hair, eyes, nose etc. Have a look at our clay faces below.

Colour Mixing

This week we have been looking at the story of Elmer. We talked all about Elmer’s patchwork and all the different colours we could see on him. We looked at our three primary colours of red, blue and yellow. We then explored what happened when we mixed two of these colours together to create a new colour! The children enjoyed exploring colour mixing independently in the investigation area to make our own patchwork Elmer.

Exploring Forest School

The children really enjoyed exploring the Forest School area for the first time today. They loved exploring all the swings and slides in the “Forest School Park” and enjoyed using all the space on our big field!

Our first week in school

The children have settled so well into life at St Mary’s. They have enjoyed getting to know their new friends and teachers and all the different activities and areas that we have in the classroom. The children were so sensible trying their school lunches for the first time and enjoyed sitting on our big tables in the hall.