Indigo – Year 5 – 2020-2021

Indigo Group 2 Forest School

Group Two had to wait very patiently for their turn out in the forest but it was worth the wait. They have all enjoyed using the tools to create and clear. It has involved learning new safety skills such as wearing a glove on one hand when using the saws and learning how to manipulate a hand drill and a whittler. We were lucky that last week, which was a very hot day, to be able to retreat to the cool of the woodland. Funnily the children spent much of the afternoon building their own 10 minute fire. It took lots of perseverance but it was very rewarding when the spark from the flint and steel started a fire. Well Done Indigo Class.

Hogwarts Forest School

Year 5 have waited patiently for their turn out at Forest school and this week they were finally able to get outside. After two sunny weeks off we found a woodland that had grown incredibly. We had some work to do to cut back some of the willow, the brambles and the nettles, freeing up the paths and making it easier to get around. The theme for this Forest School is Hogwarts Forest School of magic so we made potions for Professor Snape, a Nimbus 2000 for Harry to play Quidditch on as well as whittling some wands from wood. Next week we’re going to make some scary mud faces to keep the Dementors out of the Forbidden Forest. It was an afternoon full of sunshine, imagination, teamwork and tool use.

Our Gratitude Tree

This half term, our values have been hope and thankfulness and we have been thinking about what we are thankful for and how we can show it to others.

As we are reaching the end of this term, UKS2 took part in a meditation session called the ‘Gratitude Tree’ which allowed them to take a quiet moment to really think about what they want to say ‘thank you’ for.

In class we wrote our thoughts onto individual leaves and thread them together to display on our worship table. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for as you can see below.

Gratitude Tree

Outside Celebrations

Joseph has started learning to play cricket outside of school and wanted to bring in his new cricket bat and special ball to show.

Megan has just started martial arts and was awarded star of the week. Well done Megan!

A little tinkling on the chime bars

We have been learning the 3 Note Bossa in our music lesson using the 3 chime notes G,A and B.

The first video is the section where we have to improvise using those notes and the other two are us playing along to

Empanda anyone!

I think they must have been eaten before more pictures were taken!

The end of Mrs Langley’s DT unit – well done Year 5!

Can we make a pulley?

Of course we can!

Some of Indigo’s Summer 1 homework so far

The great debate

This half term, we will be holding a few debates about deforestation and the use of palm oil to link in with our topic on the Rainforest.

In this debate, we talked about whether Clovis should keep lying about being Finn (the grandson of the rich Sir Aubrey) or tell the truth and disappear to live with his foster mum.

Everyone really got into role and could argue their point!

What should Covis do? Conscience Alley

We have almost reached the end of our Summer 1 text ‘Journey to the River Sea’ and during this lesson we were deciding what one of the main characters Clovis should do.

Should he pretend to be Finn, the grandson of the rich Sir Aubrey and return to England in to the life of money?


Should he stay in Brazil and continue living his life on the Amazon?

They children really thought about this and gave some fantastic answers for both sides of the discussion.

Our Rainforest poem

This half-term we are reading ‘The Journey to River Sea’ by Eva Ibbotson, which is based on a little girl called Maia who travels to Brazil to live with her distant family on the Amazon River.

We created our poem (to read click on the link below) by using our senses and imagining what it would be like to be stood in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest.

Then we all wrote 5 sentences describing what we could see, feel, hear or smell to create our own individual poems.

To make our shared poem, we each picked our favourite sentence from our 5 and put these all together!

We hope you enjoy! Our individual poems are in our literacy books.

Download the poem PDF

Remembrance service

Remembrance service 2020